Saturday, July 30, 2011

... this is true

... The night is shy,
The moon is sly,

And then there is you,
With dove eyes unslept too...

The cloud will pass,
Moon will be overcast,

Now just,
Slip into a slumber,
My little wonder
Let dreams invite,
Touch stars in the sky,
Find all the answers to all the "why?"

Earl' you will arise,
To a morning new, too good to be true
But this is true, this is true, 

only this is true!

... beyond

"this is but a passing phase",
"some go far, some stay behind in the race"
is yes a banaity - a cliché

remember... a mind distressed - like a spring oppressed,
it shall propel, it shall propel....

even in stillness of time ....
....when seems fucked all the kindness expressed in rhymes

keep the faith, you will have it all.
keep the faith, you will walk tall.

when times seem dire,
the newness is not as desired...

still, it is a new beginning,
it is challenging, it's compelling...

a mind distressed - like a spring oppressed.... shall propel.... it shall propel... it shall propel...

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