Friday, November 04, 2011

Helpless + Opportunist = Kamatipura??

it was just yesterday, at byculla station that this incidence happened. 
a woman, in her early 30s, who hails from pune, was here on a vacation with her sister and bro-in-law. her sister and brother in law boarded a slow train and she missed the train. naive, uneducated and scared - she poured her heart out to a random stranger... who told her to get into a train. she got into an empty ladies first class.... and he couldn't get into the same because male passengers like me and a couple of others,  in the attached general first-class objected. 

the man came back at sandhurst road station (one station later)to urge the woman to get down. rizwan, a co-passenger, enquired with the woman if she knew the man. she said - NO. then me and rizwan warned her, as the crook behaved like he was her husband. he was touching her and pulling her. we did not interfere, as we did not know what was happening. but thanks to rizwan's 6th sense that he asked the woman. 

i got down with the lady at CST station, and went to the police to report and help her find her lost relatives. also, i took her to the deputy manager - railway office to make an announcement for her relatives. i gave her some money. i tried reaching her relatives on the phone, but in vain. finally her husband picked up and he requested me to put her in a train to pune. i was just going to do that and the woman's relatives came looking for her. she quickly returned the money i had given her and said a million thank yous. 

now, yes, i feel nice to have been helpful. and am thankful to rizwan for being proactive and noticing. sometimes being nosey helps. i kept updating the entire episode on facebook... so that we all are connected.  also clicked photographs of the woman, just in case something untoward happens. there are some questions though.... 

rizwan and I are sure that had that man managed to take her along, she would probably land up in kamatipura. 

what if she did not find her relatives. 

the crook, seemed like a naamcheen goonda. and i spotted him chatting with others, 
what if he beat us up... 

would any of the spectators who came later to say thank you and give me Duaa's and blessings would have come forward to help... 


will the nosey public - aam junta from dombivalli  or a young elite crowd of davidoff perfumed cuties from bandra would have done anything more if they saw another woman in the same plight... 


would they have watched us getting beaten and then in full josh??? and sung praises of us later. 

what keenan and reuben did is remarkable. read about them here.  they lived for what they stood up for, and now they will live forever.. 

but how alive are you???

lets keep their name alive. 

by acting, and not reacting. 

by not watching, but helping

by not sympathy, but empathy

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