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Fight For CinePride : Join us At Barcamp

thanks hindustan times and reetika subramanium for this unbiased article, reflecting both sides of the story. 
the censor board says that the scene in Amen is unessential and that this is not about homosexuality. and too GRAPHIC. watch the video below and  tell me, how essential was it to show mallika sherawat orgasming to the plot of the film "murder". 
or watch this. how important are the mandakini's wet transparent saree exposing her mammary glands and nipples to the subject of the film "Ram Teri Ganga Maili"

so what they expect us to show when we speak about  memories of child sex abuse that clouds the mind of the character Harry when Andy makes out with him brashly ...

your options are:

  •  wind blowing hard
  •  a tiger with jhankar beat music. 
  •  a gents VIP underwear flying in the air mercilessly
  •  two dogs mating painfully and people pelting stones
  •  a rose bud deflowered
  •  a fish aquarium falling down and fishes dying without water.

well, a bias like this needs a dialogue.  Bar Camp is one such free spirited forums that i always look forward to. add this to your MUST-ATTEND list. this is one event where the best of the best in the online and offline world,  engage, comment, share. the sessions are uncensored and free spirited. it is a celebration of freespeak. and how could i resist the temptation of speaking at this forum. you are right, i succumbed to my temptations. i quickly registered  a session. 

it is important that such biases are brought to the light. it is important that people raise a voice against bias. there needs to be a logical discussion about issues. 

we are in a world where everyone tries to tell you that 'heterosexuality' is the normal way. everything around me is heterosexual. to me,  it is almost like saying everyone around me is a of a certain religion, so i need to behave as a member of that religion. i am gay, i might be a minority. but i still have a voice. being gay is not the choice i made. being out is a choice though. 

BarCamp Mumbai February 2012

Date: Sunday, 19 February 2012
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Place: Mukesh Patel School of Technology, Management and Engineering,
Along the Mithibai-NM college road, Vileparle West, Mumbai
Facebook: Confirm your attendance and invite others.
Wiki: Register your session and check out the agenda so far

just as the censors dont believe that words like chutiya and gandu deserve an A certificate. we find the word chutiyagiri - a swear that speaks about the vagina in a derogatory way, a commonplace. infact, the censors dont think that this is a word that should not be heard by children.

i have titled my talk in the same way. much that i know that my loved ones lwould never approve of this. but it is not written in the spirit of just sensationalism, but until and unless you say those words in the same tone and spell it out.. it doesnt work. you cant beep and speak. even to say that dont use that word, we need to spell out the word loudly.

so the topic is
  • Homogiri Nahi Chalega - About Censor Board Bias by Harish Iyer for Adult Junta
"Amen" was denied a censor certificate for it had love making scene between 2 men. It is a film on child sexual abuse and the complexities that an survivor of Child Sexual Abuse carries embedded in his mind that interferes with his ability to enjoy an uninhibited sexual relation. We wanted an A certificate. The censor board has asked us to chop the entire integral scene despite we telling them that we are okay with an A certificate. Shobhaa De, Khalid Mohammad, Idea Smithy, Vinta Nanda have vouched for the film.
This is bias against homosexuality and there is preferential treatment meted out. we have countless films with women shaking their bosom, and heterosexual kisses in murder. Then why this bias against Homosexual Depiction? Agneepath has been awarded a UA certificate with children bleeding after being raped, people hanging, children as sex slaves, and katrina's bosom bursting Chikni Chameli. Are we saying it is okay for children to watch this? And yes... the Word CHUTIYA is commonplace.. it gets a U certificate.

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