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Fight For CinePride! LANGUAGE EDIT DEMANDS IN "Amen"!


I have nothing against aamir khan or any  of the directors mentioned below, im very fond of him. and his marketing ways. i like adult comedies, and have the heart  to laugh at sexual innuendos. I, in fact dont like, I Love Adult Comedies, though i wish there are as many dick jokes as much there are jokes about pussies. Well, i am not a moral nazi. I believe that though we would wish  for a world sans swears, it is in our tradition to use them. So continue, but why target just one gender, why do men get defensive when there is talk about the lund, and not the chut. When men cant take jokes or derogatory comments referring to their anatomy, i think it is fair that they refrain from using such language about female anatomy. 

Vishal Bharadwaj's  Ishquiya gets an "A" certificate 

 do you remember the dialogue "CHUTIYAM SULPHATE" mouthed by Vidya Balan.  and many many dialogues in it. 

Aamir khan gets an "A" certificate "Delhi Belly"  

the glimpse of the dialogues:
  • "Randi Chodike Premi"
  • "Jo Chauka Udte Hue Jaaye, Usse Chaka Kehte Hain"
  • "Isne mera choosa aur kyunki main 21st sadi ka ladka hoon, maine iski li hai..."
  • " abey chuteye teri gaand hai ki genda"
  • "tune apni gand mere juice se dhoyi"

Shekar kapur's Bandit Queen opens with Seema Biswas saying this. 

  • "main hu phoolan. Haan! BHENCHOD! main hu phoolan"

and words like Chut and Chutiya and Gand and Rand and Randi are commonplace in the film. This film has an "A" certificate. 

      and "Amen" has been asked to mute  " SUCK KIDS". which is told to an adult by an adult, to depict the goriness of the pain, through words, the inability of the survivor of child sexual abuse to consummate and agree to have sexual intercourse. A case in question, I would again like to draw the censor's attention to karan johar's Agneepath. If "Suck Kids" when seen in the context of the film is not offensive is asked to be muted, in comparison, Agneepath has a girl child bleeding after being gang raped. The film has a U/A certificate. I mean, a child can go and watch the film, if accompanied by an adult.  I am a child rights activist, and it is my life being depicted, the survivor in question is ME. and i am saying that in the context of the film in totality, it is definitely not offensive.  I would like to ask my blog readers who have seen Agneepath, did it deserve a U/A certificate, or an A certificate?

The dialogue is integral to the film and should be seen in the context of the film, as should the above examples. And anyways, we wish to have an Adult certificate. We dont want little kids to watch Amen. They are not our audience. Secondly, it is a film on a social cause. Like, you cant show a bandit queen with a fully clad seema biswas singing bhajan or breaking bangles in the temple after being physically and sexually assaulted, you cannot show the goriness of the crime without  using the actual words. I repeat, this film AMEN is for adults to watch, we want an A certificate without any cuts,  not a U/A. 

An A certificate means, the film can be seen by adults. So by asking for cuts of LOVE MAKING scenes (which i need not give you hazaar references of indian films who depict it, the heterosexual way) and the word "Suck Kids" muted, are we trying to say that the average indian ADULT is not intelligent and is a pervert? I feel this is a sham on the pride of  the Indian Adult. As my friend, Aniruddha Guha puts it in this article the censors are trying to tell us " Dear Adult Indians, shame on you"

We understand that  the film can be sent to the re-examining committee. And there is a fee for that and a waiting period. How can independent cinema makers keep paying money after money because someone in the censor board - high up there isn't willing to open up his/her mind. 

So how many revisions will it take for them to open up and understand that children in this country are abused and the average homosexual is not a diseased and to be ostracised -Alien...  he is your neighbour, your son, your brother, your friend... or even YOU. 

So censors, if the above films can get an A certificate. 
What Paap has "Amen" done or has been overtly offensive to be asked to EDIT OFF all the important and integral scenes for an "A" certificate?

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