Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fight For CinePride.

so, had been to the #CensorBoard office with Ranadeep Bhattacharyya and Judhajit Bagchi for "Amen". Apparantly they want us to delete some scenes, even though we will be awarded an "A" certificate. 

the concerned person was not there. Deep and Jeet are meeting the person tomorrow. 

I have a few questions to ask and find out 

What is objectionable in Amen ? is it that it is 2 boys and not a boy and a girl having sex?

... heterosexual love making is allowed i guess, as seen in Dirty Picture, Dayavan, Murder etc.

Is it objectionable that the issue discussed is about Child Sexual Abuse and Uses words like Cock-Sucker refering to an adult who was abused as a child. 

.... well, censors, please watch Agneepath, i think you have given the film a UA certificate. The film has a child being raped and bleeding profusely, a man dragged and beaten and hanged until he dies, it depicts children used as sex slaves, violence at its peak, if that can be awarded a U/A certificate. 

i think we can too. make do with an A certificate. we have not used any children or animals in our film. Its inspired by my life, and i have no issues with it. It is a film that's sensitive and speaks about adult survivors of child sexual abuse - their complications and their ghosts-of-the-past that they are wanting to ward off. 

Wish Deep and Jeet good luck with the meeting tomorrow. 

Let's hope independent and honest cinema doesnt die an untimely death under the hands of biased bureaucracy. This is not a fight for Amen, it is beyond. It is about freedom of expression, it is about - t he future of Art and Independent Cinema in India.

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