Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Open Letter To The Censor Board

"Amen" still at Censors. The film awaits a certification from them since the past one month, i Visited the place, and there were "Agents" who were doing the rounds for an early . (you know what i mean - "AGENTS" )

Big budget films get passed by Censors in one day. What about small-budget films on social causes?

Okay! so what is your explanation for this wait Censors?

So if we ask, let me presume, you would tell us that the film is "sensitive" you will make an issue about little things (make issue out of non-issues) in I AM, and the butt in "Amen"? May be you cannot digest the fact that we are ON YOUR FACE unpretentious about sex and sexuality?

TELL ME DEAR CENSORS... how on earth did AGNEEPATH get a U/A certificate despite such gory scenes and scenes of children being flung as sex slaves ? In all respect to the film, and the directors, the film deserved an "A" certificate. It is quite evident to me that this film deserved an A certificate. And doesnt the word "Chutiya" pass on with a U certificate? is it OKAY for children of all ages to watch and hear words like CHUTIYA and GANDU but not about sexuality?

And as you guys create a drama about Sex, how about some noise against violence.

Tell us your time limit. Tell us how much time does it take for a Agneepath, for a Black, for a Don2, For a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara and how much time does it take for a "Amen" to get a censor certificate.

Is there some additional fee we need to pay or get a celebrity or something else to fasten the process? Do tell us publicly, and publicly we shall pay you too. With photographs and receipts in social media with a lot of love.

And that apart!

Censors! when are we getting our certificate. Its been 1 month.

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