Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blood Money : The Furious Case For Karan Mehra

How to insult a fucking good actor? It is simple. Ask Vishesh Films and they will tell you. A maverick of an actor wasted in a silly role in Blood Money. Mercilessly edited off and used as a pawn to navigate by this stupid director of blood-money - whatever his name is. He is unimportant and soon will be forgotten, unless of course he understands that he is good for nothing until he accepts that he is dunk and he learns. Allow me this rant. As I yo-yo in my thoughts in this unbalanced post I am filled with anger for the director. Rather I should not be really blaming him. It has been a trend in vishesh films– just to show actors kissing is pissing-off trend initiated by the maverick Mahesh bhatt. It is hard to imagine that this is the same production house which produced some classics like dil hai ke manta nahi and daddy and sadak and zakhm has stooped down to this silly level. I feel pooja needs to hold the reins of this doobofying production house which is making money for sure, but by behaving chindi.

What has happened to Mahesh Bhatt. There are many directors-producers who visit talk shows in their part time and make films full time. It almost seems like Mahesh Bhatt gets films basis his talk show appearances. He is not like that. And that's what upsets me more as I am left with no defense statement for him. I am upset because one of my favorite films – Arth was directed by him. And I bloody love Mahesh Bhatt. I hate to see him fall like this. This is another producer gone in the lure and lust of the opposite sex. (these lusty straight men. I tell you!!! )And what does it take for rebel like Mahesh Bhatt to take notice of a fantastic male actor? As a regular of his films I have seen, the last sexy actor he had shown was Aamir Khan. (After that, ewww). His films have shifted from being female oriented to being breast-and-booty oriented. His films are now known for the skin show. I have shared screen space with Mahesh Bhatt in We The People, where I was medi-slutting. And I know he is a great person. And that’s why it hurts the bottom of my bottom when I write this. (While he “lays” his focus on the female body parts, obsessively, he forgets that the average homosexual male, and heterosexual-bisexual females are a big market too. Kindly refer to dharma productions for more details)

We all have our biases, not all admit to it. I don’t rule out the possibility, I may be biased when I bat for karan mehra. Biased because he played me in Amen. Biased because I have been crushing on him from his virruddh (with an extra d or h or whatever) days that he played little bro to smriti irani. Crushing is not synonymous to fantasizing here. (I haven’t yet got any wet dreams because of him ).

I still remember the innocence that he exuded on the small screen. I remember when little vedant (his character in viruddh) was caught by the police and the faces he made.
Then my little 21 inch crown television got an “awe-rgasm” just because of him even though smriti consumed 3/4th of my screen both literally and metaphorically. He was and is undoubtedly my sridevi of the small screen. (For your record, for the uninformed – I believe there is no bigger actor than sridevi). He went further did many serials. Much that he could have been a serial killer, he became an ad-king with him featuring in every second ad. 

Much later came in the role of Amen. I still vividly remember the day when I was finding it difficult to get into the skin of my own skin, when I was playing myself on Amen. After rehearsing for 2 months and with Directors – Deep and Jeet almost tearing their hair apart trying to tell me to be myself in front of the camera, I still found myself paralyzed to fit myself in the shoes of the child sexual abuse survivor, a role that I had outlived in real life with great effort. So finally I gave up. And we were stuck. We includes my co actor – Jitin, whom I so fondly love for putting up with me and being so passionately compassionate in Amen. (Though, I would admit the love is evidently a little less than what I have for karan. ) The only one name that deep and jeet thought of was karan mehra. I didn’t have any clue. That this was the same karan mehra, who was vedant once. We did audition a few people for the role before we got to him. Because they assumed that he would say no to play a gay character. But he saw the essence of the role and not the sexuality. He saw it more than a making-out sleaze. He met up with me. And at the CCD of fun republic of andheri. He delved deep into my personal life. Asked me for my mannerisms and reactions. And irritated me too by interrupting me. I wondered why? Until I saw him act as me. 

And knowingly-unknowingly he had imbibed a bit of me in his character harry. I remember deep calling me for the shot when harry opens the door for Andy. And deep said – “see”. And I had eyes filled with water (yeh toh khushi ke aansu hai pagle) as I saw him. He was just a mirror. Some moments that were just mine, were there up put on display for the world to watch. He was a delight. And aptly amplified by jitin who is not like a support cast, but an equal they take this semi-biopic - amen to another level. Still allow me this bias. I love karan more. The kid in me comes alive many times, when I hate that other Karan Mehra or Naatik... who is a namesake. May be the harry karan mehra should put another A or R or something, just to differentiate from competition. 

And this is what you do to him when he takes a plunge to the big bad world of cinema. Vishesh Films, come on. There could be more substance in your films than Mia’s anatomy. And dear vishesh films, for doing this visibly heavily edited role of karan mehra – you will never be pardoned. A good film to do time pass. Over the weekend still. Watch out just for Karan in a small, insignificant yet impactful role. Next time Mr. Director, get karan to play kunal's character and see the difference. 

naa.. i mean no exaggeration. 

(awe-rgasm : courtesy grey gyan from deborah grey)

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