Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Justice For The Homeless - my letter to Chidambaram

P.C. Chidambaram,
Minister Of Home Affairs,
Government of India.

Dear Chidambaram,

This is with reference to brutality of the Mumbai police and the urgent need to tame them. On Tuesday, 06 March 2012, Mumbai Mirror carried a “story” on page 12 called “Caned for being homeless and by whom”. It was about a pavement dweller outside Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus station. A group of 6 policemen carrying canes beat this man up and didn’t stop even when he was bleeding. His crime – being homeless and living in the pavement. The news article reports that they didn’t stop even after blood was gushing out of his head after being caned. (Here is the link to the article : )

I wonder how we could protect our city from external forces, when our own machinery is so brutal to our citizens. This brutality raises several questions. Is there now law that protects the homeless? Is there a code of conduct for the police? Can they just beat up anybody?

This brutality raises a very important question of national significance - When they could do this to a pavement dweller in full public view, I wonder what would be the condition of real criminal s inside police stations? May be, you should consider giving the police in Mumbai a few stress buster balls or send them to a trip to Bangkok or better still, send them to a mental health asylum for therapy.

I request you to avoid clich├ęs like “I have ordered a probe” in your reply to my email and mail by post, but rather lead by example and tell me and the whole of India – “this is the action that we have taken”.

I rest my case with you, to reinstate the lost faith in our government and the security system in the heart of every Indian.

Harish Iyer
An Indian, A Mumbai Citizen,
and An Equal-Rights Activist

P.S. thought following the compulsions of proper English - I should add “honorable” to minister, but then I decided to park the adjective aside. Will add it before minister after learning about the action you have taken against this.

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