Thursday, March 15, 2012

JustLikeThat : The Kissing TamBrahm Girl

Grand Mom : what is this!!!
Sarasu's daughter is kissing actors in the lip. Karmam. Karmam.
Me : amamma. she is an actress. And role demands it.
Grand Mom : kashtam. Tamil bhramin ponnu.
Me : amamma. Don't get me started on what all iyer pullai's do.
Grand Mom : no. but who will get married to her.
Me : Siddhart Roy Kapoor will. Btw, amammma what you see in screen is an act.
Grand mom : kadavale.
Me : achhha , so the problem is that she is tam bhram and kissing. Or she is kissing on the lips. Btw, amamma, I'll take u to watch kahaani. She doesn't lip kiss there.
Grand Mom : appadiyya!

a conversation i had with my grandmom about vidya . :)

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