Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kahaani - Bidda Bagchi Shotti Bolchi

wonder who is bidda bagchi? she is our chembur babe – the girl next door who is on a fast ride in bollywood. yes, vidya balan she is. And she leaves you spell bound right from the word go. the fact of the matter is that she doesn’t act. she ceases to be vidya balan in the film. all you can see is bidda (bidya) bagchi.

usually reviewers share views on the cast’s performance at the end . but what the heck, fuck the rules, she deserves to be at the top with such an A-Class performance. and so did the audience of Big Cinemas, Kharghar feel. there was a thunderous applause the moment vidya appeared on screen.  it felt almost like female rajnikant had arrived. all that was needed was some abhishek and dance in front of the screen. (or looking at the way she is going, we might soon have to call rajnikant the male vidya of dosa land).

the film starts with a feel of a sci-fi thriller. It was rather deceiving, for what the viewer like me was expecting was a preggy woman running helter-shelter - a dukhiyaari abla naari. but this woman is anything 

but that. she is possessed, and in her character right from the word go. she lands in the effervescent dumdum airport with a baby bump so huge that the baby would popp out any moment. she goes directly to the police station and asks the inspector to help her find her hubby. she accepts help from dost police sub-inspector by the name of Rana. who is her man-friday. he is at her beck and call. she gets into a dingy hotel... lovelorn, and within a life unborn, she starts investigating vociferously and ferociously for her pati-dev while the police mock her behind her back “pregnant karke bhag gaya hoga uska pati” while they all are respectful with her. or let me say - she commands that kind of respect. infact the hotel owner refers to her as your-majesty. and guess, thats more to do with the confidence she exudes on screen than the fact that she was originally a desi-babe who is now a maal of the rajdhaani of madamme tussauds - london.

she runs about with the baby bump. she sneaks inside government offices, chorries files and does all it takes to reach to her husband. there is not one scene where you miss the “hero” in the film. she keeps you occupied. she is not the new he. but she is the new she. there is not one moment that you will jhapko your palak. excellent screenplay and wonderful support cast for bidda bagchi in the film. (as the empathetic politely-smitten police inspector - parambrata chatterjee excels and how!) and cinematography? well - i have never seen my birthplace calcutta this pretty ever. there is an interesting twist in the film. but i dont want to reveal that, you should experience kahaani for that.

vidya balan does it again. after playing the sexually-proactive non-apologetic silk, here she grabs mankind by his balls. she is witty, smart and absolutely deliciously desirable. she reigns supreme yet again holds her head high and defies cliches that belittle the woman.

get up man. make way. "she" has arrived.

did i share that i have a women's rights website. here it is khuli tijori. and Vidya Balan is our first  MAAL OF THE MONTH.  

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