Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Lighter Side Of Life

i have decided that besides facebooking. id also document some interesting conversations and anecdotes here. this in no way is "studied" or researched or the right way of therapy for those who have unhealed wounds. i have a very light way of dealing with issues of Child sexual abuse survivors. might not be THE way, but this is a way i deal with things and people. im no psychologist or a counsellor. i direct survivors who write to me to psychologists and psychiatists. but sometimes all the survivor needs is someone who can listen to them without judging them or telling them anything. i think listening is an art. and i am blessed with the power to not hear but listen. so will use it till the fullest. just to take breaks in between, if it gets too overwhelming. 

here is a conversation that i had with my friend. she has survived CSA . this was just our 3rd meeting. 

survivor friend : i have no faith in myself... (goes about narrating what happened with her. her history of abuse)

me : (listens patiently. responds at the right places. she holds me tight and hugs)

me : o god. maar daalogi kyaa kutti. 

she : bloody bitch. i am  upset and you are dramatic. 

me :  kutiyaa. i m just crazy. im not dramatic. there is a big difference. 

she : how insensitive. ass!

me: thats what i was thinking. some people are like a small pimple in the big butt of humanity. i mean that insane assole abuser. 

she: what did you say.

me: i said "that I am insensitive"

she:  you are not. you are just mad. and i love mad. 

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