Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Bye Victoria!

After being the reason for the bread-butter and jam, tonga owners mercilessly whip their dhanno.

I have seen this so many times at the queens necklace -

The passengers would smooch over the arabian sea in a tonga (an orgasmic scene overglorified by bollywood) completely oblivious to the fact that the horse is thin, bleeding and limping.

or in sheer assholiness, insensitive parents would ask the owner to whip for the 'fun'.
I think, animal cruelty is the best way to kill compassion in a child. The parents should get full marks in that.

When dhanno is old, she finds herself in haffkine institute bleeding for anti-venom.

That's your desi victoria.

Congrats Maneka Aunty (still have your handwritten letters written to me when I was in my late teens), Ambika Shukla and Team People for Animals for winning this landmark case against victorias, let's bid good bye to victorias with love.

We are good without the whipping scenes. Ask psychologists the impact of this.

As for the tonga owners... "Just as gratitude, ingratitude pays too"

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