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Housefull at HOUSEFULL2 : The #QuirkyReview

My friendly neighbourhood “big cinemas” multiplex was looking like a garibon ka shaadi mandal. I entered and luckily got one of the last few tickets that were available. And that too the lastest seat in the cinema hall. I entered and saw all the advertisements from videshi tourists having strong teeth to pimple creams. Whatever happened to my favorite good old  vicco vajradanti  ads. (The new ones are atrocious) Then was my favoritest national anthem. This is the special one that is the silent national anthem for the auditory challenged made for Big Cinemas by Mudra Communications. If you are from Mudra, I want you to know that I have become a regular with your client “big cinemas” just because of this product of yours. The little I could do to appreciate this marvel.

Given the title of this post, why am I talking about everything else but about the film.. you must be wondering. Well it is because, the comedy in gibberish films like Housefull2 have to be felt, experienced, you cant recreate it with words. I went to watch housefull2 with the mindset that I was going to watch a stupid senseless film where every attempt to find logic  would be futile. I was sure Sajid Khan is dumb and foolish and is incapable of sensible stuff. Shabaash-mere-sher  Director Sajid Khan lives up to my expectation.

To tell the story is a real brainy task. It is a mesh and a mess. And I am of the rare species of unintelligent homosexuals. So id not attempt that. I would just give you many  dots. You can join them and make the story at your will.

Like their real life names. Rishi Kapoor is Chintu. Randhir kapoor is dabbu. They are brothers from different mothers. One is jaayiz and other is naajaayiz. And the one that is the Jaayiz son – Chintu puts a name plate saying “the Real son”. The initial few minutes just establishes the bartardly plot of the whole script.  Both the brothers have one daughter each. Bobby – Asin and Henna – jacquiline. Both the daughters are animal rights activists. (god only knows why this angle? But still it warms the cockles of my heart to see that atleast in fiction someone is like that). 

Both the fathers look at getting their daughter married off to some multi-millionaires son. They both zero down on the maharashtrian - JD’s son. They have no idea how he looks. JD’s son is Jolly -  Riteish Deshmukh. But Reitesh is in love with a JLo(yeah! Right that’s the name).  Sindhi Boy - Shreyas Talpade’s father goes with the rishta of their son to Chintu and  Chintu insults him.  So he wants to take badla, and decides to get actual Jolly to date chintu’s daughter and leave her on the wedding day (if you are a feminist and are getting angry.  take a chill pill babes. No one makes any sense in this film). But since the actual Jolly Riteish is anyways in love, he decides to get Max (john) who is  a kleptomaniac to act as Jolly and date the daughter at a cause. But john lands up at Dabbu’s place instead of chintus. So Ritesh and Shreyas plant Sunny or Akshay, an old-jigridost-now-jaani dushman of John in Chintu’s house. What follows is a series of confusions, one liners, jokes, drama. There are plots and scenes and sub plots. If I could have the intelligence to remember everything, I would have completed my PhD.

I went to the theater to watch this stupid film just for my john.  Not for his acting. But for his eye-candy-ness. John Abraham is  my man-mandir-ka-devta, whose ek nazar leaves aag in my tan-badan. I went to drool, and I was surprised that I also found his acting too super cool. He was hot oven-fresh and  there are moments in the film where his comic timing is just perfect. My BlogDost Shobhaa De had said that his butt is more expressive than his face. “Well, de, that I don’t deny. But I really wish you watch this stupid film.” There are many scenes in the film where john gives “Uii maa” kind of reactions. A very jamuna bai ka kotha look. And so damn sexy. “Ufff… un adaaonse maar daaloge”. 

I know this blog is like a  family 'channel'. 
but couldn't stop myself from saying this. 

( if you are a kid, please close your eyes and pretend that you didnt see this. and if you are an adult, and offended... maafi baad mein maang loonga)
Akshay is controlled. Good performance, id say. And doesn’t go over the top to a level that it irritates you. He looks young and dashing. Some expressions were just fantastic. Though he seems to be sometimes on the path of govinda, he is far from reaching that level of atrocious stupidity.

When it comes to randhir kappoor and rishi kappor. I feel randhir acted very well, surpassing rishi as well. Which is shocking, because randhir has always proved with his films that he cannot act- he can only over act. His attempt at being shammi was too evident. While rishi kappoor continues to be rishi kapoor and is celebrated as that.

Asin, I wonder why she would do this role. she has got lead-heroine roles, then why stoop down.

Jaquiline - ,mmmmm… okay. She could be replaced by any one. Nothing special.

Riteish deshmukh was wow. And how.

Shreyas added up to the colourful cast with a splendid performance. But dear director, from which angle does shreyas look sindhi?

Here are some hilarious moments in the film
Ritesh Deshmukh is introduced as the driver-cum-bodyguard-cum-man-Friday of akshay and randhir kapoor asks him “Tum iske pehle kiske body guard the?” to which Riteish replies “President”. Randhir asks “president of America?” to which Riteish replies “nahi president of lions club of Bhandup”

The effervescent Johny Lever quips “Baap bhi lucchaa.. beti bhi luchhii.. gotchi re gotchi”

The funniest part that helped made me haste haste pichwada gul i.e. LMAO was this one.
JD (mithun) has invited Duke – Prince Charles to his son Jolly’s wedding. Rishi Kappor walks up to prince Charles very very very enthusiastically and tells him “Duke saab duke saab.. maine aap ka lemonade piyaa hai”

Rest there is no subject in the film. There is no sense in the film. But the film stands true to its expectation. Rather excels it. I expected nothing but senseless comedy. And I walked out with some good performances by John and Randhir. Which was suprising.
The story is complex. The music is appalling. Sajid-wajid need to take a vacation from bollywood. Music sucks.

The thing that is so evidently noticible is the gay subtext. The chemistry between John and Akshay is better than the chemistry they enjoy with the chokris. Also,  there are many scenes when they are very touchy.  Even riteish and shreyas hit it off quite well. In the end of the film if you have to recollect you could  almost  say “john and Akshay, and  reitesh and shereyas”” were the romantic pairs. There  is a scene when marriage broker – Chunkey pandey (who hopelessly tries to be Javed Jaffery) tells randhir kapoor while both were on the bed “meri janam janam ke pyaas ko bhuja do”. May be the director sajid khan got the visible gay dialogues in the film to add more spice to the story. And since we homosexuals are awesome people they want to add a bit of good-luck to their films with a fake subtext. Or is it that Sajid Khan wants to come out of the closet. Cinematically for now. 

My suggestion.. go watch it, but don’t analyze. If you enjoy being stupid, like I do. Then this film is a must-watch. Don’t expect a classic.  With a title like "housefull2" to expect a classic? Isnt it like going to an udipi restaurant and asking for pizza? you know what i mean? 

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