Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Naturally, She Will Be Raped!

 Women in dilli have a great capacity. They endure rape. And yet get raped again. And again and again. Yet they go out to work? I mean. Why should they work? They should not! They should sit at home and cook for their husbands , their fathers. In the night, they are supposed to loosen their petticoats and allow their husbands or any other  man in respectable position to rape them. What is a woman if she is not raped? She is meant to serve her husband a glass of coffee in the morning and is not liable to be offered the pleasure of lubrication in the night. Domestically, she is raped. Outside she is raped. And I agree with Delhi police, she invites it on herself. The Delhi police should be awarded and suitably rewarded for spelling it out so wonderfully. Kudos. Can I add another medal and a black tikka on your forehead. Haii.. kisi ki nazar na lage iss wonderful dimaag ko.

One honorable inspector says that women shouldn’t dress sleazily else they will get raped.”
Exactly. It is a major turn on for all men in the capital city. 

“Women shouldn’t drink with men and get inside cars with them”.

Absolutely. With you sir. If they sit in the car, together, their legs would brush against each other and men will feel like raping. I mean, I agree sir, it is not the Man’s fault. It is never the man’s fault. His hormones just get excited. And he does  it. Big deal.

“Her mother is having an affair. Naturally daughter will be HUNGRY FOR SEX.”
Point sir. Point! I mean, MARVELOUS.  I never thought of that angle. The angle of  ganda khoon, that illegitimacy runs in the blood. I really appreciate your influence of old hindi tawaif films. You are so beautifully influenced by it.

And sir, when you say that no rape can happen without the woman’s provocation – I agree with that too. She would have removed her clothes and asked him to come and rape.

And sir, if we still don’t want rape,  what we should be doing? Guess Locking women back in their ghoonghats would be a jolly good  idea!. We should not allow any woman to walk on the streets after 8pm. And after 7pm in winters for the sun sets early then. And sir, one suggestion, we should draw inspiration from the lovely Muthalik government in Karnataka and beat up bad girls who stay up late. And if we cant beat them, they would rape them. Naturally. LOGIC!  I  would be really pleased sir if you could declare rape as the national capital sport. And yaah, Women would be raped. And that  magazine called Tehelka should not make an issue out of it.  Some women love skating, some men love raping.

But sir you say she invited it, I say men invented it.

Now , on a serious note after the sarcastic piece written above in absolute disgust after watching the Tehelka sting on NDTV and reading the story– I feel  it is time for women in delhi and other parts of the country to create an uprising. And for well-mothered and good-cultured boys to join them. There is an urgent to send the Delhi police on a long vacation. Something that could serve as a deterrent for people in other cities too, for to have form a picture in our minds  that our friendly-neighbourhood-inspector bhau in the chowky or Darogaji Thanedar doesn’t have the same kind of views is as foolish as thinking Osama Bin Laden would be setting up charities for world peace. O he is dead. Let this issue not die though. The education and neutralization of beliefs and prejudices is much needed. Besides sacking them from their jobs. The police force should also look within and introduce corrective measures against presumptions and cold-heartedness towards the oppressed survivor of abuse. And this, irrespective of the type of abuse be it child sexual abuse, hate crimes against homosexuals or rape and atrocities against women. I don’t refute when people say that women extort  under the pretext of rape. I am just saying don’t dare presume. I am saying women is as human as a man. And could be in the good way  and also in a bad way. Women needn’t be seen in the extremes of a devi or a devil.  A woman is “judged” and “tested” from time immemorial. The fact however remains – if men had a hymen, virginity would be a myth.  

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Anonymous said...

wow..brilliantly written...and i wish this blog should have been printed and couriered t that police person who spoke all this..nonsense.this blog is no less than a tight slap on their face... shilpa

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