Monday, April 23, 2012

sex life of Abhishek Singhvi

the news of congress man Abhishek Manu Singhvi's sex tape is doing it's rounds. 
he apparently had sex with a senior lawyer. 
i mean is the problem that he had sex or is the problem that he had sex with a lawyer. 
would we be happy if he did not have sex at all? 
and, why the hell we debating about Abhishek Manu Singhvi's sex life?
why cant he have a sex life?
and if he is cheating on his wife or boyfriend... let them complain.
and then we can take a doosri-aurat-se-mukti  or a queer-cheater andolan against him. 

so what if he does a senior lawyer or who-so-ever? 
why do we have such a resigned-nosey attitude towards sex?
why is "making-love"/"having sex" the foremost parameter in "judging" morality standards?

and why blame social media  abhishek manu singhvi?
darling abhishek, we are a voyeuristic nation. 
we like to watch padosan kamla water her gamlas, 
and Rajesh whose hostel is right across our window dry his V cut jockey
..more than making love to our partner.
So Chill. 
Don't you blame social media, rather use social media to track down the miscreant who destroyed the fire-wall of your bedroom.
lets catch the freak who caused the leak!! 

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