Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TISS and Bangalore

I had been asked to watch Chiller Party  many times by my friend ex student of Tata Institute Of Social Sciences, Varun Kumar Nair. I kept procrastinating. I probably thought that this must be one of those many intellectual orgasms that TISS students engage in. (I believe that stereotypes exist and we need to celebrate them. For that matter even NORMAL IS A STEREOTYPE) On that note let me state that TISScians are unique. As unique as the maggi and chai at the TISS tapri. They have the ability to put numbers and big words to everything that any other person will term as "simple joys of life". Film-wise, they are a mixture of Bimal Roy and Sooraj Bharjatya. They, and only they, could delve deep into the mind of Suman (Bhagyashree) in maine pyaar kiyaa and dig out the fact that "around 28.97% of women in our country have been in a condition such as Suman ". While some who watched dostana and disliked it (unlike me) would say "yeah dude , it was fucking insulting for gays man", they would quip "Alas, with such portrayal of sexuality in modern day hindi films, 26.78 percent of homosexuals, bisexuals and bi curious men would be facing the brunt of the law that was brought to existence in the pre-colonial era of the british raj. We need to understand that it is so difficult living like a male-queer in a largely hetero-normitive society".

i would go... gasp gasp gasp.... for breath when the tisscian gets into his or her or T element. They could draw trails to statistics and history and sociology practically from anywhere. They think graphs. They think numbers. They think. And they think too much. For intellectually challenged misnomers like me, it is practically impossible to keep pace with the superfastness of the TISS mind. 

One of my old tisscian friends told me  "when he touched me the world swept and there was like a fire within me devoloping into a lava of sorts". I was like "dude, why cant you simply say that you felt sexually aroused" rather than saying... "mere tan badan mein aag lag gayee" in raani english. Rani english drama queen. huh. 

Varun went to Bangalore to learn dance.  That city is a TISScians perfect inttelectual match.  I went to Bangalore recently to the bangalore queer film festival. . I mean, everyone out there was discussing philosophy. They dissected the anatomy of being in the closet. They know section 377 like a bible. They can discuss Lord of the rings and M S Subalakshmi at the same breath. Especially Yell Romal Yem Singh. Even after watching a comedy film like kanchana. I saw people coming out and discussing the location, the lights, the ethos and the depths of the emotions that the film had delved in. Well, they also have a great great sense of humour. But when i maaro my sarcky jokes, they would look at me pokerfaced. And I would be like "jeesus christ, again someone felt bad". But then i gave it a thought later. I realised that may be they dont know me enough to understand that i have sarcasm and pun in my DNA. i remembered that I had severe issues even back home in Bombay when i used to crack jokes and people used to take them seriously. In Bangalore, they dont let little-minded  unintellectual people from bombay like me feel lost in this intellectual super-pool. I used to call bangalore a village, of course not seriously. But I have to eat my words. I have to because bangalore is a beautiful city. And people are awesome. It was fun to  be misunderstood by some people who thought i have an attitude problem. And that I am too unapproachable. Back home in bombay, im sure if someone said so, it will be a joke. For my number is one step far than being published in the newspaper as a distress helpline. :-) . 

I have to say that the warmth Bangalore exudes is tremendous. And people are super sexy. Even half the hot-maals have been exported to tinsel town from bangalore. There must be something special about the bangalore gene and something special about the TISS trees. Why are people there so fucking Awesome?

(P.S. Thank you varun1, sowmya reddy, romal, sriram, parul, rahul, nadir, varun2, shyam, Dolly and everybody for the wonderful time)

P.P.S i know my english is not that good.  Dont send me a 3 page analysis on my english. I am a grammar gandu and typos are my speciality. and FYI, I am fucking proud of it. LOL)

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