Monday, April 30, 2012

Zindigi Live : Parents of Gay/Lesbian

this is yet another wonderful episode by the lovely richa. if there is one programme that one should never miss in hindi television, it is this one. thank you Nitin for putting this up together and Richa for being what you are.

one thing that i would take away from this show is that once your folks accept you the way you are, you simply blossom and bloom.  i should say that most children wish that their parents should respond positively the moment you tell them. well, coming out is a process and it is not an impulsive decision. every case and every house is different. our parents are all different. they react differently to their child's coming out. if you think that your parents would be completely averse to your sexuality, it would be prudent to first be financially independent, just in case of any adversity. please understand like you have struggled and planned your coming out,  you need to give your parents time to come out of 'their' closets and accept you too. there are not too many examples of positive love stories and happy gay families to cite, so it is natural for them to think that you are doing something unnatural. their worries, their upbringing - is something you also need to understand. give them time. be patient.  the miracles  happen  when you believe that one could happen.

last year i was awarded the zindigi live  award, i was amongst the 10 chosen from participants of over 100+ episodes. i should say, i feel so much like  family with  richa, farheen and also nitin.  i am often teased as the kalam-wali-bai's best friend and many have asked me the secret to it. well, there is no secret except the fact that i look as journalists as friends, not as journalists. and yeah, i dont believe in using the messenger to air my message and then bitching about the same media behind their back. i have some amazing friends from the media  fraternity, like deborah, i hardly knew that the chick who interviewed me 4 years back would be one of my best buddies today who considering that i am inundated with distress calls for sharing-counselling... and the fact that i have my hand in a hazaar-odd causes... helps me strategise to assure that each cause is expressed in a stremlined manner  by being  my media-pimp. :-)

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