Monday, May 07, 2012

I'm scared of something... even I don't know about!

I'm scared
Of being bare
With no emotions of mine
Just the truth of nakedness that shines

I am scared
Of all knowing of what I had not yet shared
Hidden secrets of mine
Secure under the carpets of time

I'm scared
For I alone bear the weight of so many who confide
For I need to be have strength by the side
I don't have the liberty to be scared to hide

I'm scared
Of prying eyes, of emotional lightnings
I want to run away 
To somewhere I know not anyone
I feel like a child again
I wish to be born.

I'm scared,
Of being placed in a pedestal
For I never wanted to be god
I want to sin like others
I want to be lost in the crow

I'm scared,
That I stand alone
With a heart so cold
With eyes to watch
But no hand to hold

I'm scared
Scared that I can't be weak
Some think I'm holier than thou
God in me they seek

I'm not like this all the time
May be it is just now that I feel so
But why does the wind cry today
Why do I sweat in the snow

I am tired of running
Open your arms
I'm tired of calming people
Touch my face make me calm.

Hold my palm. Hold my palm. Hold my palm. 


Anonymous said...

hi..heres a hug for u... smiles :-) shilpa

Anonymous said...

huggs: )

Anonymous said...

it was the time when i felt as lonely as u do nw.. I was lost in myself existing somehow... It was them whem someone frm the crowd knwn yet unknwn to me... Came closer held my hand and kissed.. It was then when i realised tht i hve got someone,a frnd.. I hve got a liffe worth living..tears rolled frm OUR cheeks..n they wer the only ones tht we didnt wipe...they were the sign of somethng true in ths fake world.. For nw i feel i must repent the loan of time... I need a chance:: to hold ur hands n hug u tightly when u NEED someone... Lemme knw..huggs n kisses(on forehead ha). *urs piyush.d

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