Saturday, May 05, 2012

Forgive When People Repent

Most would know. Since I have ranted about this on national television in utmost attention-hugging glory of video cameras. - I was bullied in college about my sexuality. Much that even I wasn't sure about my sexuality then. I attempted suicide. Now, years later, 15 years to be precise, he called me, he apologised. This is what I replied.


"Your sin, you say, is the fact that you maligned my name. 
Pushed me down. 
Bullied me. 
Made a sham. 
 Made me a shame. 

You say you gave me sleepless nights. 
And dark days."

"Yes, I am upset with you. 
I seek revenge. 
So I forgive you. 
I will wait with my arms wide open to hug you. 
Believe me, this hug would be the tightest, loveliest and most personal. 

And then, I will be sporting a quirky smile. 
Because if your conscience then pricks you, you are transformed. 
And if it doesn't, you were never humane, so I have no reason to hate another species that has no instinct to love. "

"Hate destroys the hater. 
And why do you think I will destroy myself for you. 
I don't love you so much too. "

Yes, you heard it right, I forgive you your sins, as I forgive myself for believing in you then. 
It's been 15 years my friend that you started a hate campaign against me in college. 
And beyond philosophy, I have no hate for you. J
ust open arms to hug you.


It feels nice to know that some people follow me like how fanatics follow religion. But that puts the onus on me, to be responsible and besides my quirky- stupid posts I also share some milestones in my life. And some anecdotes that inspire me. I have always been my own inspiration. And I have had no shame in admitting that even at the risk of sounding pompous. I know that this could lead to people thinking I am too proud and insane. Well, you have the right to your opinion. And your observation is not false. Just that I see no wrong in being proud of what you are and what you have achieved if your intent is just to share and in the process ignite a thought wave for transformation. Imagine, if no one shared stories of transformation, the world would will be full of fallacy and pain and murderous blunders. Hai naa?

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