Sunday, May 06, 2012

Satyamev Jayate Promos Featuring Me

I have been inundated with phone calls and emails since morning about my appearance in satyamev jayate. I am bound by a contract and a promise I have made to Aamir Khan and the sexy team of the production house, so can't reveal much about the show. But I can definitely state the obvious - yes yes yes, it is me in the show. And it is neither Vikram Phadnis, nor is the guy Rahul Dravid. And for havens sake, it is not Karan Johar, I know they look a bit like me. But no - it is me only.

I'm overwhelmed by the response the show has been getting for the first show. And love the fact that it brings social issues, least discussed to the fore. I am however a little upset that it is at the same time as my favoritest show on hindi television - Zindigi Live. But well, I was appalled by the way Rajdeep and the programming team took the decision to give step motherly treatment to this superb show by the lovely richa by cancelling the programme for anna hazare and other issues. But the good side of having a show parallel to Satyamev Jayate is that one has an option of watching the issue that they *heart*, its just a channel switch away.

This brings me to the big question people are asking "does aamir khan think he could bring about social change" . The answer is NO. He or my other pals Richa Anirudha or Barkha Dutt can only bring the issue to the fore. Their production team can put stories together, package them together. But they can in the end only ignite the thought, to walk on it or not, is your prerogative.

I see half of Bhadralok in my timeline on facebook analysing aamir's PR strategy and looking at it with utmost cynisism. Well, he did decide to take a plunge and bring a well packaged and wonderfully strategised show to us. Its a huge risk for him too. Imagine, him in a gibberish TV show. It will certainly screw his image even in films. The whole star value would be at a toss. But at his level this is the best activity he could do. To expect him to become a shabana azmi or nandita das is like expecting too much. And the whole drama over "male oprah"... Well, it is just good copy. I'm sure there is no comparison. And even if there is, I guess we should be happy about it. What's with you cynics yaar? When was the last time you stood up for something without questioning the intent?


when you see an oppurtunity to do something good, DO GOOD. i f you have a chance to see something good. SEE GOOD. your bloody dissection, doesn't lead anyone anywhere. 

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Neha said...

I agree with every.word you have written here. Let the cynics talk, for having nothing better to do. Aamir has chosen a great platform and with the kind of star power he has, this is a great effort from him. He is different, thinks differently and follows his heart. He does not & will never follow the herd and that irks these cynics. Keep up the great work. We are all for it.
With a bow for the excellent effort,

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