Friday, June 08, 2012

Condoms In My Bag

(before a new silly controversy pops up. -
let me state
"i am not an unofficial promoter of Durex condoms" )

my friend's eyes popped out when he saw a pack of condoms in my bag.

He was like.. "O FUCK"

I smiled.. "Yaa for that only Boss.. these are not for balloons and festoons".

I pushed his discomfort level further by telling him.. "arey.. what you are so shocked and all, my Mother also knows that i am "stocked up" with "essentials" and she appreciates it.

how i wish more and more parents speak to their children about sex and safe-sex. I appreciate the paai-laagu culture, but in this respect-giri we brush the issue of sex-education under the carpet.

Why is SEX such a bad word?

And why is there an unchaste chastity associated with it always? parents don't want to acknowledge that their children have sex. and children don't want to imagine that their parents roll-over-the-hay too.

there is no GOOD way to put this, the fact still remains that my parents had sex. and chances are that your parent's are not virgins either?

if you argue that we dont have a culture to speak about sex. (which we do HAVE :: ever heard newly wed brides mom say "Pati ko khush rakhti hai?" - more about Over Indulgence in sex lives in a separate post). we need to develop a culture that speaks about sex.

remember , possibility is that while you are shying away from safe-sex talk with your children thinking it is a taboo... your children are adding people to the laundry list that's called "to-do"

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