Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bhandarkar's Heroine : old book, new cover?

the promo of madhur bhandarkar's much awaited heroine is out. and i am not surprised. i am not surprised at all. the film seems to be a copy paste of the wonderful bhandarkar formula. 

my guess was right. here is my script... waiting for the film to release to validate. 

  • small town girl lured by big city dream. 
  • she comes to big city and stays with some struggler in the big city. 
  • she wants to become a star. 
  • she understands that she has to have sex with some big man, it is called "compromise".
  • she gets into the big league by sleeping around and manipulating people.
  • one of the friends who helps her in the same is a kind homosexual man. 
  • success gets onto her head. 
  • meanwhile there is some story of child sexual abuse that the one of the influential people whom she is manipulating engages in.
  • she suddenly feels lonely when success leaves her and media turns against her. 
  • she turns into an emotional wreck she runs to her homosexual friend for help.
  • her homosexual friend is a cheat. he cheats with her BF or he lives a lie or is some other crook. 
  • she feels even more lonely to deal with the drama.
  • she later accepts that the shit she is in, is the shit she has to be in. she now really accepts shit and is back in the same shitty business. 
  • lata mangeshkar sings a sad song for her. and the film ends. 
  • madhur bhandarkar wins a national award. 
  • the actress would win the critics award.

Point made: 
*the plot remains the same from chandni Bar to page 3 to traffic signal to corporate to fashion to heroine... just the profession changes*

Inference : 
we like recycled shit. 
no sorry. We *LOVE* recycled shit.

one of my friends on facebook told me that this was a take on marilyn monroe's life. but i think it could be on preeti jain's life.

who preeti jain?
go ask google chacha. 

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dunkdaft said...

Preeti Jain !

Pwned. Totally.

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