Sunday, July 15, 2012

She Asked For It!

In January 2009, at a pub in Mangalore, some respectable men from the political group Ram Sene, headed by Pramod Muthalik's party, invaded a pub and beat up the girls there. The girls there were indecent. They were wearing jeans. Jeans is a western outfit. And they were propagating western culture. So, to stop them from doing that the girls had to be taught a lesson. What better lesson than men beating them up. Indian culture is wearing a saree. And Indian culture is molesting women who are dressed in western outfits. It is not the fault of Shri Pramod Muthalik. The girls wore western clothes – THEY ASKED FOR IT!

Recently in the national capital region, there was a girl who was raped. She used to drink. She wore western clothes. She revealed her cleavage at times. Her legs were most tempting. She was pretty. and she spent long hours with friends. She also went out with friends. Many of her friends were men. She would also have alcohol with her male friends. Women are supposed to have Gangajal, but she had liquor, that too with male friends. "If she wears clothes like these, she would be raped naa? Plus she had a mother who was divorced. Her character was thus bad" said one intelligent police inspector. SHE ASKED FOR IT!

Recently in my city, Bombay, I was travelling by a local train. The train has a special first class coach. This is called video coach. It is called "Video coach" because men can watch women through a iron net barricade. Men can watch them. Men can letch at them. It is good because men go through a lot of stress. They are the bread winners. They have a tiring day. Plus they have to go back home and their wives are sometimes just not satisfying them well. Moreover the girls in the ladies compartment are pretty. Some of the aunties there wear sarees that expose the navel. Some of the girls wear tee shirts that stick to their breasts. The girls should not complain if men ogle at them. Understand the poor man's position. And moreover – SHE ASKED FOR IT!!!

Just a few days ago, a 17 year old girl was molested. She went to a pub… a pub in Guwahati. Did you hear what I said now "She was 17", "she is a girl", "she went to a pub". She was mobbed by kind men who were guardians of Indian culture. These kind men decided to teach the girl a lesson. They beat her up. They pressed her breasts. They were kind enough to also remove her clothes. And they did it publicly. The girl shouted. She screamed. She went running about. But other kind people in vehicles shut their windows. They closed their hearts to the girl’s plea. They had more important work to be done. They are busy people. The police came there half an hour late. Naturally, you can understand the police take time to reach. Anyways, this was just an obscene drunken girl. SHE ASKED FOR IT!!!.

It is never a man's fault. If she wears western outfit, he gets provoked. And if he gets provoked, his hormones work extra-time. When his hormones work more, he gets excited. When he gets excited, he needs instant satisfaction. The satisfaction he gets when he engages in sexual intercourse. And come on, if not sexual intercourse, atleast, he would naturally engage in massaging breasts or the odd murder. Itna toh haq banta hai!

It is not a man's fault. It is never a man's fault. When have men been able to keep their libido or ego in control? Indian culture for women is getting blamed for inviting molestation and murder because they wore western outfits. Indian culture of men is to molest and strip and rape and kill because it was the woman's fault as she tempted him.

We don't teach our males not to rape, that's not Indian culture. Well it is Indian culture to even beat our young girl children when they complain of someone having touch them.
For it is all because SHE ASKED FOR IT!

Political parties are infamously famous for blackening faces and breaking glasses like how those action heroes do in Bollywood films. This time for the Guwahati incidence they will "order a probe". They will not blacken the face of every car driver who raised their glasses when the girl screamed for help. They have important political matters. They don't take the law in their hands for such petty issues – after all, she asked for it! .

She asks for sex. She screams Rape Me. She wants to be molested. She asks for it.

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