Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Let's fly hiyer!

As we end with the dusk of yet another guru day. I am thankful to all the lessons I have learnt, all the friends, the (ex) lovers, siblings, sibling-like, subordinates and others who have taught me many valuable lessons in life.

They have influenced my lives in a positive way to make me what I am. We don't always need to look at the sky for inspiration, we sometimes need to look down with utmost empathy and gratitude, because that's where we got our wings from.

I also thank all those who pushed me down, pulled me low, ill-treated me, bad-mouthed me and hated me for being what I am - For being vocal over the local -- And for taking immense pride in being myself and making no bones about the fact that my inspiration is in my mirror. For if they had not been there I would have never known how it feels like to have an attitude like finally finding strength under my wings and take flight to the deep skies of divinity.

The skies that tell me -
"Attitude is your altitude. It determines how high you fly"

Let's fly hiyer, and hiyer!

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