Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Single-dom and Proposals

someone asked me if i have sleepless nights thinking about dying alone with no lover beside me.
i replied "i do get scared. but who said i would die with no lover one beside me.
love happens to people who not only believe in love but also respect the loved."

"but why would you reject someone so famous and rich", he asked.

i replied "i give myself to the relationships of love. and guess that's why i am prudent in matters of dil-investment. i know of people who get committed in amavasya and break up at the dusk of the next poornima. i cannot be moony that way. and unfortunately, i am cultured enough to not ride a pillion on my fame and get into a relationship with the nouveau riche and use my partner as my blank-cheque-trolley-boi to go trotting from malls and theaters across the world.
i know love will happen to me when it has to happen to me. i am in no haste." 

but what do you do for your temptations? he asked.

"you mean SEX. Why dont you ask directly dude?"
for sex, i dont need to force myself into a fake relationship. There is no dearth of ways to silence my hormones.and i'm desirable, at least the funny kinky invitations i get on men-men-dating sites keep me happy-go-hottie. and what makes you presume i have a sad sex life?

as for love... "pyaar kiya nahi jaata, ho jaata hai

I cant help it but wonder, why is my love life the topic of concern for so many people? is it genuine "concern" or plain voyeurism?

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