Thursday, July 05, 2012

That Single Decision

May be reason that life takes pleasure in surprising me with pleasantnesses is because I may be pissed at times - but will not be suddenly thankless to the good things of life when life throws in huffy tantrums my way. And not that i extemporize in tantalizing expressions when it is awesomely orgasmic. i keep my feet perfectly on ground. 

You also had good moments in your life. Life threw lemons your way. You went about judging and ranting the quality of lemons as compared to others... while you could have squeezed them for a sexy lemonade. And when you did have lemonade you danced with your glass all over and the sip slipped before it touched your lip. 

Truth is that we are sometimes too ungrateful, and too thankless,  and other times we float in the wave of illustriousness that we think stopping by to pause at a moment of time is stooping too low. 

The path ahead is a crossroad.. decide to stop for a while.. look back and smile... and decide which new way to go. 

all it takes is a single decision at a specific moment to change your world forever...


I am confused about what i wrote... cant exactly comprehend sometimes things that i type in josh in a flow - like i am possessed or something... . Am sureShakespeare would turn in his grave (LOL) , but the person i wrote this to surprisingly understood and called me to thank me. ;)

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