Monday, August 20, 2012

BlogRoll : Josh Kenway

people! here is somebody who is trapped in pain. he is married to a woman. and he is gay. 

i have encouraged him to start a blog and give his other side a new identity and start communicating with gay people. it is a much needed vent for him. and an acclimatization medium. 

i know he could be labelled a cheater, and as some body who has no balls. but another perspective could be that most often, it is not just the gay-married man but also we as a society fail in providing gay people and families the societal fabric where gay relations are a norm. this man had flings, and that's the only aspect of homosexuality, probably he was exposed to. 

i know there are many of us who are judgmental about married gay men. but for a while lets put our prejudices aside, and encourage him in this world that he was not exposed to yet by interacting with him. 

every life is a story to learn from. 
no man is bad in totality. 
and each one of us have a dark side that we hold close to. that side, that only our heart is aware of. 

what we see, is sometimes not what it is. 
and what it is, is sometimes what we don't want to see. 

here is his blog. 
do comment and engage with him.

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Crazy Sam said...

Thank you for encouraging him to blog. Really love the way he pens his thoughts, I can learn from his writings. Hope he gets all the support he needs from the community.

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