Friday, August 24, 2012

Resul says his statement has been misrepresented

within an hour of me posting THIS virtual letter to resul pookutty on twitter, about his comments in Hindustan Times where he called  Satyamev Jayate doctored, Resul responded. 

i know that this media game is dirty. sometimes more dirtier than what even madhur bhandar thinks of it to be. but i wouldnt want to doubt the integrity of the newspaper hindustan times either. like the reporter prashant singh who is the quoted journalist in this story, should be some stunt-man or something to fabricate a story about an oscar winner. like this is some suicide mission for him? i dont think so! does that mean i doubt resul pookutty? well, he had quoted these after watching the episode of satyamev jayate on child sexual abuse which featured cindy, me, ganesh, anamika and nazneen. 

i have been advised by my loved ones to not get into the debate between aamir/smj and resul. but i know them as people and not as celebs or brands. and i am unable to hold myself back from standing up  when someone allegedly alleges something that in my opinion is incorrect. well, opinions are like assoles, we all have one. and also, since i posted the blogpost it was important that i post his response to my letter to him as well. 
about this controversy, Resul alone knows the truth. Lets hope that good sense prevails. 

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