Monday, August 06, 2012

The Touch Of Fantasy

Around Lust, anguish and greed.
I float above, where winds that into infinity bleed.
The cry, the moan, the scream,
All make up for my dreams.

Wake me up and bring me down,
The sky is poisoned, it is turning brown.
Where even the glimmer of hope doesn't beam...
In hope I smile, in smiles I scream.
All make up for my dreams

My eyes have dried,
Feels like I have died,
Hope is real, yet it only seems,
In pain I smile, in smiles I scream,
All make up for my dreams.

When my soul is dead, then in the corner of the crescent sun,
The been of the snake charmer has begun,
Now I twist and twirl, and squint and whirl,
Rise from my hood, and my fangs I hurl.
In anguish I smile, in smiles I scream,
All make up for my dreams.

Lost, am I, in the lost woods,
Between the broken bridge of what I have, and what I could,
I helplessly seek the dope of a glimmer of hope,
Like a flurry butterfly moving back into the caterpillar-hood,
Lost in the woods, back into childhood,
In my pangs I smile, in smiles I scream
All make up for my dreams.

The rain of pain, seems to never end,
Happiness floods me, I pretend,

My emotions a little wild lame Jane, 
waiting for  Tarzan of the wilderness to tame,
I'm a lost babe in the woods.
Only hope is when I see what i couldn't and  she could,
She rushed, held his hand
gave herself a new name,
- it was then when I was maimed.

She became my road to fantasy,
She is my ecstasy.

In my smiles, she smile, in her smiles I dream,
She is my real dream.

cant recollect when i wrote this exactly. guess it was when Mr. India had released.  this was etched in the archives of my memory. i just refurbished  it a little. i know it is a little silly. a little stupid. but this is  very "me" around ten. and i should confess that nothing has changed over years in terms of maturity. :p

thanks prerna, aamir, svati, suzanne, vidhi and team for this dream-come-true moment. i need to dream more for having unfulfilled dreams. 

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