Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Am What I Am

I know I would be hated. 
for swimming against the tide. 
Yet I flip my throbbing feet, 
without blistering my stride. 

In this world untrue, I know,
I'm expected to act modest, and shocked when I achieve what I do.  
But, I know I would prefer been seen as shallow, 
rather than a weaselling kiddo. 

I will grow up one day, 
I will stand up and hold my star, 
I will not shy that day then, 
to flaunt my haughtiness hidden between my scars. 

I know that day, will come, 
when I would call it a happy day, 
That I will proclaim I am what I am, because what I am is what I am,
not because I had no other way. 

Then, I will scream out to heaven, 
not in disgust or in shame.
Till I hear a voice back, 
of  the skies that echo my name. 

Call me a loser prick, 
and lesser than a man. 
I cannot change because you want me to. 
It is just the only way I am that I am. 

Now, push me further into the dark closets if you fancy. 
And shove me to the edge till that day - 
I scream out my lungs in agony
And proclaim I am happy and I am gay. 
I am happy and I am gay. 

- harish iyer 

written years back by me when i was in the closet and at the brink of 18. :) 

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