Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stud Of The Year - review

It was a cool breezy Saturday night, and I was in the mood for some visual orgasms. Films offer that reprieve from everydayness. And all of Karan Johar films - replete with flashbacks and fast forwards are a sexy treat to soak senses in. Hence I rushed to the theatre close to my house and got myself a corner seat.  The film was Karan Johar’s student of the year. There was much hype about this film for its drool worthiness. This Red Chillies and Dharma Production was marketed as a package of complete seduction. And boy, it was! The film credits begin with the star of the film Karan Johar proudly introducing his stars  Johar-da-heera – Siddharth Malhotra, Soni ani Mahesh chi mulgi Aliya,  Dhawan-putra Varun and then comes the evergreen star Rishi Kapoor.

The film begins in future tense with friends of the trio giving a P2C (piece to camera) and introducing the shirtless dudes amid a lot of tamak-jhamak fanfare,(truly Karan style) The story of the film could be summarized in 4 sentences :  Three students unhappy with their families 2 Boys-1 girl. Three, thus a triangle love-story. Two boys fight over the girl and end up competing for student of the year title against each other. The two boys resolve their fight after ten years and fall in love with each other again.

The film is an out-and yet-in-closet film. Rishi kapoor is openly gay, and feels up John Abraham’s photo that’s in his drawer. He is in love with the coach – the heterosexually married  Rohit Roy. There’s a scene where Rishi topples Rohit Roy’s dharam patni in an act of sauten-type jealousy. Rohit Roy doesn't complain throughout and sports a “i-dont-mind-it” smile. The scene where Rishi is dying and he tells Rohit – “agle janam mein”, is a very endearing Kjo moment. The film has a lot of eye-candy moments – swimming-pool-drool moments blink-and-miss butt crack of Varun and Siddharth bursting out of his briefs. Varun and Siddharth are all touchy and feely throughout. And Siddharth teases Varun – “gay hai kya” to which Varun hugs siddharth and say “Haan... Aaa naa”. Also at high emotive moments when Varun demands a hug from Siddharth, Siddharth asks him “kiss toh nahi karega naa”. The back-shots of Varun exercising in his shorts and Siddharth’s frontal shots could be interpreted  as   Bottom and Top respectively by bi-gay men. Aliya also has a Butch Friend often referred to by Varun as “ladka”. The character is played by the little girl in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Though their chemistry is not as strongly depicted by Siddharth and Varun.

The film has heterosexual tracks being played to play-to-the-gallery. Poor Aliya is reduced to a prop. She has no doubt acted wonderfully well. But the role wasn't something that you cant imagine some other actor doing. She lives the character, she doesn't immortalize it.  Siddharth is puppy faced, expressionless, if it was not for jaan-e-man Karan Johar’s specific camera angles or his body he would have not made it big in Bollywood.  Student of the year should be called “Stud Of The Year” thanks to him. Karan has gifted him a very expensive portfolio with this film. Music by Vishaal- Shekar is bad. No let me make it BAD. None of the tracks are hummable over a certain point. The lyrics are yuck.  Real yuck.  The film doesn't leave you carrying the film with you home, It doesn't grow on you over years like how Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Kal Ho Na Ho does. Though the look and feel of the film is very good. I wonder how “school” kids could look so old and hot. Karan should have made them “college” kids which would make it more believable.

Despite all the flaws, the film is good for a one-time-dekko. Please watch the film for Varun Dhawan. He is a dhamaaka performer and has a great body to sport.  He can easily give takkar to the big-wigs in bollywood, hope he does meaningful cinema. I carried varun the actor back home with me. I have this wish to meet him. He brings in vulnerability and subtleness to the character he plays in SOTY, there are moments where I feel he deserved an instant hug. His innocent looks are very boyfriend-material type I would put him on my chest and sleep.

Verdict : Go watch it. Once. 

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