Sunday, November 04, 2012

People talk, they always will #justtoldsomeone

It may take you years to do it.
It took me years too.
It took me years to find my ground.
And stand there with a different opinion,
But with confidence and elan.
Even  if I was  Standing alone there in front of a mob.
A mob with a contrary view.
I had been quite quiet for quite some time.
My voice was lost in the chorus.
And now it was strong. Loud. Loud enough that it echoed.
After that prolonged silence, when I spoke, they thought I was arrogant and that my new found success has given birth to some air beneath my wings.
But my confidence, in reality, was and is the result of them.
I yearned to feel the music of my words.
To stand true to what I feel.
And to not lie to myself and the world, just to sound unanimous with the world.
The yearning was always living in me. to speak my heart out on issues that I heart.
But the confidence, and the power to say " And though I respect your opinion. I think differently. My view is..." I got after I found success.
Success gives you confidence to say NO.
Like a "No I am busy can't join you"
Or a "Sorry! I have other engagements"
And yeah ... a " I disagree with you. And I dislike that place. Sorry can't join you"
And when you suddenly say "no", like I did, you will be labelled as someone who is "arrogant" and someone who's "success has gotten into the head".
But chill, you can't submit yourself for eternity.
They would call you names.
Gain  energy from it. Let it not bog you down.
And don't be a sissy. If they know you. They will understand.
They will stand with you if they understand.
And if they don't, remember that they are not obliged to behave good with you.
People talk, they always will, they always do.
Let me end with this popular quote, that should become your email signature, just copy-paste it, I say -
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."


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