Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Divine Misogyny Marathon!

 I'm not an atheist. I am a realist. And I am picky and choosy when it comes to the gods who come in all colours and shapes and sizes. All my childhood I have been raised on a staple diet of God Movies. Temple was my playground. And bhajans have always been my lullaby. When I was scared hanuman chalisa came to my rescue. I dreamt of hanuman flying in from the branch that protrudes into my house  to drive my fear away.  You know, those little childhood fantasies! He never came to my rescue in reality. But the illusion did help me. When I had my exams, I suddenly remembered saraswati. And I was damn sure that taking 108  rounds of the siddhi vinayak temple would give me what I want from exam results to my man-mandir-ka-devta boyfriend to the guys whom I wanted to make my tan-badan-ka-swami. When I got what I wished for, I gave my brisk walk around an idol the credit, when I did not, I either blamed myself  for getting deviated,  or simply changed my brand of god.

Thank god I didn't have any psychologist in my family, else I would have been called a schizophrenic.

So basically I was shoved in with a lot of divinity about every god in my vicinity. Much that it is somewhere engrained in my mind. I like god stories. Rather, I loved every story. I was a good hindu boy. All was fine, until I developed sense and logic. I realized that god stories were only as exciting as spiderman or he-man or Giant Robo that came on TV. I hated the asuras. And the kauravas. But hated the pandavas more for being as blind as the public that watched keenen reuben being stabbed. I remember playing draupati at home roleplay with my sister and brother. I would drape a saree around me, my brother was dhirdharashtra and my sister was sometimes dushasan and sometimes krishna. For fun sakes, when I lived the character, and while there was joy in playing draupati, there was also sinking feeling. That's when god stories that demean women went off my list.

My dad is a frequent visitor to ayyapa mandir.  A few days before visiting the temple, my parents used to start distancing themselves from each other. As one of the essentials - the male visitors need to abstain from sex. I always thought that women were not allowed as men having suppressed their sexual desires, would be high on libido and will pounce on any woman. It is also said that this god is a bhramachari, hence he stays awayy from women. Fair enough. But I fail to understand how gods with magical powers couldn't moderate their sexual prowess. Menstruating women arnt allowed to enter the temple. My granny tells me that they are said to be impure.

I'm sure there are a hazaar million more anti-women rules as the number of gods are many many.

Muslim god Haji Ali is the next to ban WOMEN from entering the mosque.
Mmm. So, Hindu god Ayyapa type diktat. 
Looks like a divine misogynist marathon. 

If i were to believe that our (mostly imaginary) gods made women, why did S/He/T/it make them. 
Just to be prayed and preyed upon?
Just to be put on a pedestal as a devi or to be a whore?
Just for sex and making babies and helping in domestic chores?

when myth-o-logy rules over science and logic. 
when religion rules over empathy and humanity... 
the world becomes a dangerous place.

Have my questions caused discomfort? I didn't intend to hurt any religious sentiment. But I believe India is a free country. And I have excersised my free will to share my perceptions. Whether you are a rational person who would sit and listen and reason and share or be one stupid religious fanatic who blabbers with no base to your logic in my comment section is up to you. Everyone has all the right to be foolish. How can I take it away from you?

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