Saturday, December 29, 2012

A little more than boosting India's "Candle Economy"

We are a nation with a brutally blooming candle economy. May be that's the best thing we could do after the collateral damage. You want to do it when you don't know what to do to give your frustrations a vent - Brilliant. Do it. How many candles would it take to lighten the fury that is brewing within? Use it all. Burn it all. But don't be wicked. Dont let the flame die with the death of the wick.

I have a problem; a big problem with the way we think. We feed our children with stories about how women are either the devi or the daayan. How women are either the sati savitri or the slutty savitri. If things have to change a woman has to become human. You can't speak of human rights when you are thinking that the woman is some celestial being.

And we are a society that manufactures rapists in wholesale. We need to really get into the mind of our society to understand that is we who make rapists. It is not as much  about the sexual act than it is about the desire to dominate and oppress. We teach our children - "jaake usse mazza chakka de", "Beta usko sabak sikhaa de". Our religious books are all written by men. And the morals that we take out of the books is of male chauvinism, which is usually sugar coated with "the supreme sacrifice of a woman".

Its about the delhi girl. Its about women rights. But it is not ONLY about the delhi girl. It is not ONLY about women rights. It is about the larger issue of dominance of one over the other in a society that breeds inequality.  And also, the man is not always the sinner, the woman needn't always be the victim. Parallelly as the news of delhi rape case and the national agitation picked up, also there were hate crimes against men and small children.

So, it is proactive educational and sensitization measures that would help. Large national strategy meetings would not help if we spend too much time and debate on the method when we actually should be doing small deeds to seed tolerance in the society of un equals. The issue is not just about rapes, it is a subset of the larger issue of dominance, and hatecrimes. Let's start building a more tolerant society, in whatever way we can. Using whatever methods or expertise or art form we are best at. The world is not bad. Some people are. Delhi is not bad. Some people there are. We need to look at the larger picture. And start furthering the cause towards a tolerant society. Towards a society where you don't live with the fear of being dominated or hated for what you are or what you choose to be. Misogyny, homophobia

Let this dance for change be at a high tempo always. The dance of rage against domination and discrimination. 
Let's not wait for rapes and then contribute to the candle economy. Let's keep the fire lit. 

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