Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OPEN UP! Kyunki dilli ab door nahi!

Think we have a fundamental problem.
We don't speak about sex, we do a lot of it.
We think of women as devi, or if not - a whore.
We romanticise the idea of respect, than actually respect people.
We see sex as a power game and not a mutually enjoyable act.
We breed, we don't bring up our children.
We weigh religion over logic.
We respect Gods with questionable existence, over visible people and nature.
We love to hate, than loving to love.
We hero worship the villain, more than respecting the hero.
We are not averse to violence, we are averse to sex.
We wean our children as the habitants of the land of hate, (we live in a big bad world) we tell them to "be smart", (a synonym of "be selfish").
We teach our girls to dress up well and blame her if a guy gets attracted, we don't tell the boy that he cannot touch her without her permission.
We think our girls are things, that are made to satisfy man's desire; we don't tell a boy that he should respect a woman's desire.
We treat a menstruating woman as diseased, we don't ask the masturbating man to wash his hands.
We judge more than we live.
The problem is with us. 

NOW! We need to open up. Not just in matters of sex, but for the larger issue of equality in humanity. And that sans our prejudices, and heartless customs. Then alone will there be change.

The rape culture in delhi was not born yesterday. It is the illegitimate child of our unruly upbringing. Delhi hasn't failed. We have failed. If you argue that delhi is an epitome of rape. Let me tell you that this is beyond region. There is a delhi in each one of us. A delhi that throws fit of rage, a delhi that believes in the power gamble, a delhi that believes that if there is a position that's "me*on*top".
We need to open up. Wider. Wider than ever. Wider to a point that we don't shun issues that make us uncomfortable. Wider that we open up to each other, aware - and not weary.
We have strict laws, we don't have proper implementation. More than stricter laws, we need a more open culture. What kind of culture is this where sex is a bad word, and rape is a norm.
What would it take for us to understand that "to address an issue, you need to undress it"
Wake up. Open up!
Kyunki Dilli ab door nahi.

(Written in context of the recent gang rape of a girl in delhi)

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sugandha said...

I only wish it was this simple. Beautifully written but there's so much more. A woman goes hiking and gets raped by men. Women are dragged out of their homes at night and raped in villages. And these cases are not even registered. it scares me. There's a whole nation that's been committing these crimes for what seems like forever...

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