Sunday, January 01, 2012


caution: some seriously dil se, some seriously na-jaane-kidhar-se. 
what to do man!!! dil toh baccha hai ji

In 2012, 
May you be as cute n smart as bacchi karkaria,

May luck, bravery, intelligence and talent breathe down your (low-deep) neck as vidya balan

May you be as insanely hilarious and naughty like karan mehra is on sets. 
May you take heart-felt initiatives as wilson college students.

May you be a dreamer like suyoung kim
(May your getting sloshed at new year party and at the 'heat' of the moment going all the way lead to a happy moment, i mean,)  
may you making many babies - more than one at a time  like farrah khan, manyata and our lovely queer-dost celina jaitly

may you get engaged and announce it with utmost pride like the lovely deepak and jerry.

May you become so popular that it hurts like kolavari

May you be as photogenic - and a sweetheart and lovable... like little kabir kher 

May you speak things about atma, soul, bliss and the connection to that one feeling of unison with the divine cosmos that plays with the tune of the robust soul- like mother sheetal bhan kher 

(you didnt understand what's written?
yaa! I didn't understand either)

May your status messages be as thought-provoking as madhusmita sahoo and deborah grey

May you never ever be stupid as madhuri dixit is by downgrading herself to stupid ads and silly shows.

May your partner  be as horny as sunny leonne in 'her' films...

May you release the next part "sherlock homos" this year...

may you have the strength, stamina and courage to the extent that you can bear Don 3, RA-TWO and Mausam Returns!

May you be a bomb!
May you be bombatt!
May you have the courage to face 
not fight the world!
May you have the courage to love, and love again and again.
May you be blessed.

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