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Fight For CinePride : Hetro Kare Toh Chamatkar, Homo Kare Toh Balatkaar?

watch this video for more.

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Fight For CinePride : Join us At Barcamp

thanks hindustan times and reetika subramanium for this unbiased article, reflecting both sides of the story. 
the censor board says that the scene in Amen is unessential and that this is not about homosexuality. and too GRAPHIC. watch the video below and  tell me, how essential was it to show mallika sherawat orgasming to the plot of the film "murder". 
or watch this. how important are the mandakini's wet transparent saree exposing her mammary glands and nipples to the subject of the film "Ram Teri Ganga Maili"

so what they expect us to show when we speak about  memories of child sex abuse that clouds the mind of the character Harry when Andy makes out with him brashly ...

your options are:

  •  wind blowing hard
  •  a tiger with jhankar beat music. 
  •  a gents VIP underwear flying in the air mercilessly
  •  two dogs mating painfully and people pelting stones
  •  a rose bud deflowered
  •  a fish aquarium falling down and fishes dying without water.

well, a bias like this needs a dialogue.  Bar Camp is one such free spirited forums that i always look forward to. add this to your MUST-ATTEND list. this is one event where the best of the best in the online and offline world,  engage, comment, share. the sessions are uncensored and free spirited. it is a celebration of freespeak. and how could i resist the temptation of speaking at this forum. you are right, i succumbed to my temptations. i quickly registered  a session. 

it is important that such biases are brought to the light. it is important that people raise a voice against bias. there needs to be a logical discussion about issues. 

we are in a world where everyone tries to tell you that 'heterosexuality' is the normal way. everything around me is heterosexual. to me,  it is almost like saying everyone around me is a of a certain religion, so i need to behave as a member of that religion. i am gay, i might be a minority. but i still have a voice. being gay is not the choice i made. being out is a choice though. 

BarCamp Mumbai February 2012

Date: Sunday, 19 February 2012
Time: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Place: Mukesh Patel School of Technology, Management and Engineering,
Along the Mithibai-NM college road, Vileparle West, Mumbai
Facebook: Confirm your attendance and invite others.
Wiki: Register your session and check out the agenda so far

just as the censors dont believe that words like chutiya and gandu deserve an A certificate. we find the word chutiyagiri - a swear that speaks about the vagina in a derogatory way, a commonplace. infact, the censors dont think that this is a word that should not be heard by children.

i have titled my talk in the same way. much that i know that my loved ones lwould never approve of this. but it is not written in the spirit of just sensationalism, but until and unless you say those words in the same tone and spell it out.. it doesnt work. you cant beep and speak. even to say that dont use that word, we need to spell out the word loudly.

so the topic is
  • Homogiri Nahi Chalega - About Censor Board Bias by Harish Iyer for Adult Junta
"Amen" was denied a censor certificate for it had love making scene between 2 men. It is a film on child sexual abuse and the complexities that an survivor of Child Sexual Abuse carries embedded in his mind that interferes with his ability to enjoy an uninhibited sexual relation. We wanted an A certificate. The censor board has asked us to chop the entire integral scene despite we telling them that we are okay with an A certificate. Shobhaa De, Khalid Mohammad, Idea Smithy, Vinta Nanda have vouched for the film.
This is bias against homosexuality and there is preferential treatment meted out. we have countless films with women shaking their bosom, and heterosexual kisses in murder. Then why this bias against Homosexual Depiction? Agneepath has been awarded a UA certificate with children bleeding after being raped, people hanging, children as sex slaves, and katrina's bosom bursting Chikni Chameli. Are we saying it is okay for children to watch this? And yes... the Word CHUTIYA is commonplace.. it gets a U certificate.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fight For CinePride : Cut Boy-Boy Love Making Say Censors

We have been told by the censor board representative – (the regional officer) that the reason for the deletion of the love making scene between the “boys” (ishhh! jitin and karan will be really happy to hear them referred to as BOYS!) is NOT ESSENTIAL in any way to the film.  how essential was the kissing and smooching scene (deep tongue to throat kiss it was) featuring madhuri dixit and vinodkhanna in dayavan? it also shows the voyeur in vinodkhanna unleashed watching his wife Madhuri taking bath”… in sure in the context of the film – It was essential.. no? and may be that is the Indian cultural way of having heterosexual sex. what me poor homosexual will know? you may argue that it was essential in context of the story line of the film… like… come again… what  is the story line of dayavan? but that had feroz khan… no? how could you object to feroz khan… we understand your compulsions sir. o! upar se order aaya hogaa!

Again sir, akshaykumar and rekha singing “in the night no control… kyaakarukuchtohbol… pyaasahaimeratannnn” and having a mud bath was essential to the script naa… ? but no no! gay love making scene.. that is the turning point and essential to the script… is offensive right?

for all those whose are unaware here are some scenes from the films.

Also, as your “EXPERT” opinion matters. I am sure that the people mentioned below are NOT experts. Right?

Kindly run your eyes through the varied responses of my dostlog.  

" 'Amen' is a brave and honest effort to portray the complexity, anxiety and eventual acceptance of gay sexuality in an urban context. It is delicate, savage, tender and touching."
- Shobhaa De.

“Amen, which starts with Andy and Harry meeting for the first time physically after a brief interaction online, moves into an expression of sexual angst from Andy, who is in denial, and a display of sexual comfort from Harry, who is free from fear of any disclosure about himself, both who have dared to share a few moments of pleasure with each other without ever having met before.
The scene of their love making is in your face, which is perhaps, why, so many actors refused to play their parts, despite ironically both being parts actors would rarely ever get the chance to play.
How Harry heals Andy physically and emotionally and sets him free literally and figuratively is what the rest of the 15 minutes of the film achieves seamlessly through the most sensitive storytelling by the directors that I have seen coming from any Indian film maker in the recent past.”
- Vinta Nanda

‘“There are gasps when Andy and Harry, two urban males in big-town India, engage in intense lovemaking, in Amen. And there is laughter when Andy — about to get engaged to a girl and asked by his partner Harry whether he enjoys sex equally with her — replies with a straight face, "I don't believe in pre-marital sex”.
The films reflect the diversity of issues that the community continues to face — from social prejudices to the predicament of acknowledging their sexuality.’
Article: “Film festival puts spotlight on alternate sexuality”
AtulSethi, TNN, Nov 29, 2010, 05.18am IST
Times of India Nov 29, 2010 after Nigah Queer Film Fest

“Signaling a new generation of filmmaking around queer issues in India, Amen ventures with boldness and maturity into the complex intersections of coming out, dealing with abuse and challenging compulsory marriage – trials that many queer people in India must confront. Featuring two charming, sexy – yet troubled – young men whose internet sex date goes horribly wrong, Amen moves beyond popular Bollywood veneers that mask, justify or explain queerness away, and deals with sexuality with a casual, yet complicated tone. Are chance encounters just fleeting? Or do they have the ability to change us forever? Amen draws its audience into this tumultuous one-night-stand between Andy and Harry, urging us eventually to dispel our deeply-held fears and break our long-held silences.”
-Mr. Mario D'Penha
(Organizer of Nigah Queer Fest 2010) reviews "Amen"

“For the sensitive depiction of the little discussed aspect of same gender dating through websites; the film’s assertive conclusion, credible performances, and technical assurance.”

Best Indian Narrative Short – Amen 
 Jury’s Citation (Voiced by Khalid Mohammad at Kashish -  Mumbai International Queer Film Festival):

Dear sir, now do you argue that the people above have no cinema sense? Or is it that the censor board is yet to wake up to the realities of sexuality? I have cited a few examples above, tell me how were those scenes integral to the script. And regarding boy-boy making out, my darling sir, could you tell me how does it in any way OFFEND… in comparison is Vidya Balan’s orgasm in Dirty Picture. The chutiya word used like a bhajan in Delhi Belly, or even rishi kapoor’s sexy frontal and back shown in bobby. The booby of all heroines in raj kapoor’s films..

Please enlighten me.

p.s. thank you for confirming that you google up and read my blog. welcome. Yes, my blog is not popular, but amazing that you find it in the first 5 search results in google.

Also sir, I am sorry that I mentioned that it was one month up that we applied. It was a ‘phrase’. It was around 25 days.  Just as you asked to delete Boy-Boy love making scene and allowed all the other heterosexual, and vulgar scenes. Like that only. 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Fight For CinePride! LANGUAGE EDIT DEMANDS IN "Amen"!


I have nothing against aamir khan or any  of the directors mentioned below, im very fond of him. and his marketing ways. i like adult comedies, and have the heart  to laugh at sexual innuendos. I, in fact dont like, I Love Adult Comedies, though i wish there are as many dick jokes as much there are jokes about pussies. Well, i am not a moral nazi. I believe that though we would wish  for a world sans swears, it is in our tradition to use them. So continue, but why target just one gender, why do men get defensive when there is talk about the lund, and not the chut. When men cant take jokes or derogatory comments referring to their anatomy, i think it is fair that they refrain from using such language about female anatomy. 

Vishal Bharadwaj's  Ishquiya gets an "A" certificate 

 do you remember the dialogue "CHUTIYAM SULPHATE" mouthed by Vidya Balan.  and many many dialogues in it. 

Aamir khan gets an "A" certificate "Delhi Belly"  

the glimpse of the dialogues:
  • "Randi Chodike Premi"
  • "Jo Chauka Udte Hue Jaaye, Usse Chaka Kehte Hain"
  • "Isne mera choosa aur kyunki main 21st sadi ka ladka hoon, maine iski li hai..."
  • " abey chuteye teri gaand hai ki genda"
  • "tune apni gand mere juice se dhoyi"

Shekar kapur's Bandit Queen opens with Seema Biswas saying this. 

  • "main hu phoolan. Haan! BHENCHOD! main hu phoolan"

and words like Chut and Chutiya and Gand and Rand and Randi are commonplace in the film. This film has an "A" certificate. 

      and "Amen" has been asked to mute  " SUCK KIDS". which is told to an adult by an adult, to depict the goriness of the pain, through words, the inability of the survivor of child sexual abuse to consummate and agree to have sexual intercourse. A case in question, I would again like to draw the censor's attention to karan johar's Agneepath. If "Suck Kids" when seen in the context of the film is not offensive is asked to be muted, in comparison, Agneepath has a girl child bleeding after being gang raped. The film has a U/A certificate. I mean, a child can go and watch the film, if accompanied by an adult.  I am a child rights activist, and it is my life being depicted, the survivor in question is ME. and i am saying that in the context of the film in totality, it is definitely not offensive.  I would like to ask my blog readers who have seen Agneepath, did it deserve a U/A certificate, or an A certificate?

The dialogue is integral to the film and should be seen in the context of the film, as should the above examples. And anyways, we wish to have an Adult certificate. We dont want little kids to watch Amen. They are not our audience. Secondly, it is a film on a social cause. Like, you cant show a bandit queen with a fully clad seema biswas singing bhajan or breaking bangles in the temple after being physically and sexually assaulted, you cannot show the goriness of the crime without  using the actual words. I repeat, this film AMEN is for adults to watch, we want an A certificate without any cuts,  not a U/A. 

An A certificate means, the film can be seen by adults. So by asking for cuts of LOVE MAKING scenes (which i need not give you hazaar references of indian films who depict it, the heterosexual way) and the word "Suck Kids" muted, are we trying to say that the average indian ADULT is not intelligent and is a pervert? I feel this is a sham on the pride of  the Indian Adult. As my friend, Aniruddha Guha puts it in this article the censors are trying to tell us " Dear Adult Indians, shame on you"

We understand that  the film can be sent to the re-examining committee. And there is a fee for that and a waiting period. How can independent cinema makers keep paying money after money because someone in the censor board - high up there isn't willing to open up his/her mind. 

So how many revisions will it take for them to open up and understand that children in this country are abused and the average homosexual is not a diseased and to be ostracised -Alien...  he is your neighbour, your son, your brother, your friend... or even YOU. 

So censors, if the above films can get an A certificate. 
What Paap has "Amen" done or has been overtly offensive to be asked to EDIT OFF all the important and integral scenes for an "A" certificate?

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fight For CinePride.

so, had been to the #CensorBoard office with Ranadeep Bhattacharyya and Judhajit Bagchi for "Amen". Apparantly they want us to delete some scenes, even though we will be awarded an "A" certificate. 

the concerned person was not there. Deep and Jeet are meeting the person tomorrow. 

I have a few questions to ask and find out 

What is objectionable in Amen ? is it that it is 2 boys and not a boy and a girl having sex?

... heterosexual love making is allowed i guess, as seen in Dirty Picture, Dayavan, Murder etc.

Is it objectionable that the issue discussed is about Child Sexual Abuse and Uses words like Cock-Sucker refering to an adult who was abused as a child. 

.... well, censors, please watch Agneepath, i think you have given the film a UA certificate. The film has a child being raped and bleeding profusely, a man dragged and beaten and hanged until he dies, it depicts children used as sex slaves, violence at its peak, if that can be awarded a U/A certificate. 

i think we can too. make do with an A certificate. we have not used any children or animals in our film. Its inspired by my life, and i have no issues with it. It is a film that's sensitive and speaks about adult survivors of child sexual abuse - their complications and their ghosts-of-the-past that they are wanting to ward off. 

Wish Deep and Jeet good luck with the meeting tomorrow. 

Let's hope independent and honest cinema doesnt die an untimely death under the hands of biased bureaucracy. This is not a fight for Amen, it is beyond. It is about freedom of expression, it is about - t he future of Art and Independent Cinema in India.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Open Letter To The Censor Board

"Amen" still at Censors. The film awaits a certification from them since the past one month, i Visited the place, and there were "Agents" who were doing the rounds for an early . (you know what i mean - "AGENTS" )

Big budget films get passed by Censors in one day. What about small-budget films on social causes?

Okay! so what is your explanation for this wait Censors?

So if we ask, let me presume, you would tell us that the film is "sensitive" you will make an issue about little things (make issue out of non-issues) in I AM, and the butt in "Amen"? May be you cannot digest the fact that we are ON YOUR FACE unpretentious about sex and sexuality?

TELL ME DEAR CENSORS... how on earth did AGNEEPATH get a U/A certificate despite such gory scenes and scenes of children being flung as sex slaves ? In all respect to the film, and the directors, the film deserved an "A" certificate. It is quite evident to me that this film deserved an A certificate. And doesnt the word "Chutiya" pass on with a U certificate? is it OKAY for children of all ages to watch and hear words like CHUTIYA and GANDU but not about sexuality?

And as you guys create a drama about Sex, how about some noise against violence.

Tell us your time limit. Tell us how much time does it take for a Agneepath, for a Black, for a Don2, For a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara and how much time does it take for a "Amen" to get a censor certificate.

Is there some additional fee we need to pay or get a celebrity or something else to fasten the process? Do tell us publicly, and publicly we shall pay you too. With photographs and receipts in social media with a lot of love.

And that apart!

Censors! when are we getting our certificate. Its been 1 month.

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