Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Tête-à-tête with Teachers Of Akanksha Foundation on CSA and Sexuality

Harish Iyer came to speak to our group of teachers, and it was one of the most powerful stories that I have heard in a long time. All of us were sitting on the edges of our seats, making sure that we heard each and every word that he said. He told his story with such emotion, humor and eloquence that no matter what your politics, you could empathize with the humanity that he exhibited. His use of humor immediately made me comfortable around such a heavy topic of discussion.

And it wasn't the story of abuse that captivated us, or rather, horrified us, but it was the strength of character which 

Harish showed that stood out. The way that he has overcome all the shame and prejudice with his confidence, humor and 

resilience. His resolve to spread awareness and dialogue about child sexual abuse and gay rights is extremely commendable,

and he is a living example of how we can overcome our struggles if we have the right attitude. 


- Nina Sawhney
The Akanksha Foundation

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