Monday, May 20, 2013

Fwd: URGENT: Facebook Post Boasting About Sex With A 15 Year Old Child

The Commissioner of Police,
Cyber Cell, Mumbai. 

Dear Commissioner, 

This is to bring to your notice this particular facebook post by someone who proudly proclaims that he has had sex with a 15 year old.  The full transcript of the message and the comments could be found here.  I have also appended the facebook post below with the comments. 

Ajay Ahuja · 2,993 followers
14 hours ago near Mumbai · 

Above, I have also posted the entire transcript. I request you to take action under the 

Sir, given the widespread prejudice against people who belong to sexualities other than heterosexuals, I would also like to add that as a 34 year old homosexual man who is a survivor of child sexual abuse - I can state that the Indian LGBTIQ Community strongly condemns sexual abuse. And particularly Child Sexual Abuse. I personally find it sinful to assign a certain sexuality to such dreaded ghosts. 

I request you to take appropriate action against the above mentioned post and everyone who has commented on the same soliciting sex with a 15 year old.  

Do feel free to let me know if i can be of any help in this case. 

I look forward to hearing from your office. 

with warm regards, 

Harish Iyer

Barkha Dutt, Ndtv
Robin Chaurasia, Kranti (NGO)
Tejas Mehta, NDTV
Pallav Patankar, The Humsafar Trust (NGO)
Pooja Taparia, Arpan  (NGO)
Yogesh Pawar, DNA
Kiran Manral,
Sibi mathen, Yaariyan
Crime Patrol Response, Sony Television


Day #0, monday 20 may 2013. the case was reported to the cyber police via an email. the media was marked a cc in the email.

Day #01, tuesday 21 may 2013 : madhavi from TOI called up the police to check. they had not received the email. So TOI forwarded the email to them.

Day #02, wednesday 22 may 2013 : TOI carried a front page article on the issue.

Malishka from Red FM also did this radio interview.

Day #03, thursday 23 may 2013 : TOI carried the following article that confirmed that the mumbai cyber police is looking into the case. the article reports that they have asked facebook to reinstate the post, so that they could trace the IP address of the accused and then take help of the mumbai ground police.

Day # 04, friday 24 may 2013 : called up the mumbai police cyber cell at 022 - 24691233. the sub inspector, on the other side of the call, recognized me when i mentioned about the case. he told me that I should file a physical complaint (FIR) with the navi mumbai police cyber cell as I reside in navi mumbai. i called up 100 from my phone and took the address. the navi mumbai cyber cell is at the navi mumbai police commissioner's office in belapur.
i visited the cell, the police were very kind and supportive. and extremely proactive. they wasted no time, and took note of all details. i submitted a copy of my complaint and took a received : acknowledgement from them.
i was told that they would get back to me if they have any details. i left my address and phone number with them.

Day # 08 tuesday 28 may 2013 : have not heard from the police as yet. so will be visiting the navi mumbai police at the commissioners office tomorrow. would try meeting the commissioner and will drop a mail to him.

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