Monday, May 13, 2013

The Fallen Bird

when the morning asked me "have you heard..."
- "the song of the mocking bird"
I looked down and replied in a stern voice
"can't you see"
- "the fallen bird between the carcass of the axed tree"

- Harish Iyer

reflecting back, i can gather that i had written this when i was going through one of the most trying times in my life. i was then still a child  a school going child, and that child was going through frequent psychological and sexual abuse. that child was scared to face boys in his school everyday in the morning. the child found no courage to tell them off when they bullied his style of walk, or tell them that he was indeed in much pain that he was walking in a funny way. the pathos in the poem is apparent. and so is the uncanny ability of the child to humanize other animate and inanimate beings.

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