Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ganesh Deshmukh, I Love You

Ganesh Deshmukh(Editor-Lokmat) I Love You. 
You Hate Me For My Sexuality. 
You Shame Me For Being Me. 
You Think Our Sanskriti Has No Place For My Sexuality. 
Yet, Ganesh Deshmukh, I Love You. 

Ganesh Deshmukh You Label Me A Commercial Sex Worker. 
Love Is Commercial Too. 
You Shun Me Into Closets Of Silence. 
I'd Love The Closets, If I were With You. 
Ganesh Deshmukh, How Much I Love You. 

Ganesh Deshmukh, You Think That I Spoil The Fabric Of Our Society. 
You Think That I Bring The World A Bad Name. 
Your Article Is Read By A Thousand Hundred Subscribers.
The Article That Mocks My Being, And Makes Me Appear Lame. 
Ganesh Deshmukh I Love You. 

Ganesh Deshmukh, I Am A Baby Gay.
I Wanted To Peep Out And Welcome Real Life.
You Pushed Me Into Depths Of Being Ostracised,
You Left Me No Option Gannu Boy, Than To End My Miserable Life. 
Today, I am Happy In Homo Heaven, 
HomoGods Bless Me Here. 
Thanks To You Ganesh Deshmukh, 
And Your Lovely Article That Fueled All Illogical Fears. 

I Love You Ganesh Deshmukh.

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