Sunday, December 01, 2013

AIDS : let's not just fight the virus, let's face it

i am 34, no boyfriend. been in one relation that lasted for a is obvious that i would not want to die a semi virgin. i have never been ashamed of my sex life or my sexuality. there have been encounters, here and there, with consensual partners. every time, i have ensured that i have a condom on. My mom ensures that i have a pack in my bag, for she thinks that sex is no sin and she has complete confidence in my growing libido. (though she does think, like most moms, that it is ideal to find a partner for a monogamous relationship) despite taking precautions, i do get tested for HIV occasionally. ideally every 6 months one should.

Happy World AIDS Day. 

let me get you introduced to two of my friends who are HIV Positive and Life positive. 

Gautam Yadav , HIV Positive
Jyoti Dhawale Surve, HIV Positive

now to me and for others who know them, their HIV status is immaterial. I continue to love them, fight with them, argue with them on equal ground. 

They are neither victims, nor a "cause", they are people, every day people. They are people you see in the bus, the train, the temple, the mosque, they are just people who are dissolved in the crowd as one. But yes, they have one thing that's different. They choose to tell us that they are HIV Positive, despite the stigma, despite the prejudice that people have to any syndrome that has could have a sexual route of transmission, besides others. They choose to tell their story. 

What's more important than fighting the virus, is facing it. 
Again, Happy World AIDS Day.

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