Monday, May 20, 2013

Fwd: URGENT: Facebook Post Boasting About Sex With A 15 Year Old Child

The Commissioner of Police,
Cyber Cell, Mumbai. 

Dear Commissioner, 

This is to bring to your notice this particular facebook post by someone who proudly proclaims that he has had sex with a 15 year old.  The full transcript of the message and the comments could be found here.  I have also appended the facebook post below with the comments. 

Ajay Ahuja · 2,993 followers
14 hours ago near Mumbai · 

Above, I have also posted the entire transcript. I request you to take action under the 

Sir, given the widespread prejudice against people who belong to sexualities other than heterosexuals, I would also like to add that as a 34 year old homosexual man who is a survivor of child sexual abuse - I can state that the Indian LGBTIQ Community strongly condemns sexual abuse. And particularly Child Sexual Abuse. I personally find it sinful to assign a certain sexuality to such dreaded ghosts. 

I request you to take appropriate action against the above mentioned post and everyone who has commented on the same soliciting sex with a 15 year old.  

Do feel free to let me know if i can be of any help in this case. 

I look forward to hearing from your office. 

with warm regards, 

Harish Iyer

Barkha Dutt, Ndtv
Robin Chaurasia, Kranti (NGO)
Tejas Mehta, NDTV
Pallav Patankar, The Humsafar Trust (NGO)
Pooja Taparia, Arpan  (NGO)
Yogesh Pawar, DNA
Kiran Manral,
Sibi mathen, Yaariyan
Crime Patrol Response, Sony Television


Day #0, monday 20 may 2013. the case was reported to the cyber police via an email. the media was marked a cc in the email.

Day #01, tuesday 21 may 2013 : madhavi from TOI called up the police to check. they had not received the email. So TOI forwarded the email to them.

Day #02, wednesday 22 may 2013 : TOI carried a front page article on the issue.

Malishka from Red FM also did this radio interview.

Day #03, thursday 23 may 2013 : TOI carried the following article that confirmed that the mumbai cyber police is looking into the case. the article reports that they have asked facebook to reinstate the post, so that they could trace the IP address of the accused and then take help of the mumbai ground police.

Day # 04, friday 24 may 2013 : called up the mumbai police cyber cell at 022 - 24691233. the sub inspector, on the other side of the call, recognized me when i mentioned about the case. he told me that I should file a physical complaint (FIR) with the navi mumbai police cyber cell as I reside in navi mumbai. i called up 100 from my phone and took the address. the navi mumbai cyber cell is at the navi mumbai police commissioner's office in belapur.
i visited the cell, the police were very kind and supportive. and extremely proactive. they wasted no time, and took note of all details. i submitted a copy of my complaint and took a received : acknowledgement from them.
i was told that they would get back to me if they have any details. i left my address and phone number with them.

Day # 08 tuesday 28 may 2013 : have not heard from the police as yet. so will be visiting the navi mumbai police at the commissioners office tomorrow. would try meeting the commissioner and will drop a mail to him.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Fallen Bird

when the morning asked me "have you heard..."
- "the song of the mocking bird"
I looked down and replied in a stern voice
"can't you see"
- "the fallen bird between the carcass of the axed tree"

- Harish Iyer

reflecting back, i can gather that i had written this when i was going through one of the most trying times in my life. i was then still a child  a school going child, and that child was going through frequent psychological and sexual abuse. that child was scared to face boys in his school everyday in the morning. the child found no courage to tell them off when they bullied his style of walk, or tell them that he was indeed in much pain that he was walking in a funny way. the pathos in the poem is apparent. and so is the uncanny ability of the child to humanize other animate and inanimate beings.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bombay Meri Jaan

Yesterday i was sitting at the sea face of carter road. I had my blackberry on my lap and my micromax mobile in my hand. I was lost in my thoughts enjoying the breeze seated on the lap of the sea over the rocks. That's when i spotted an insect stuck to my shirt, a little over my hip. As a reflex action, i stood up and pushed the insect off my shirt. I dropped my blackberry inside the rubbly rocks. The look on my face was a very “my world has drowned now”. The busy as ever walkway had many curious onlookers. An elderly heterosexual couple, migrants from Uttar Pradesh in North India, came up to me. The husband asked me “kyaa hua bhaiyya, koi maddat chahiye”. I explained what had happened. Quickly the wife sprung in action. She tied up her saree, held her husband’s hand, and jumped with him over the rocks. They had a torch mobile. They used the light to project on the rubbles to look for my mobile. Looking at them, an elderly heterosexual couple, from an affluent family, who were having their routine evening walk came up to me. The wife asked me “What is happening beta... can we help you”. I explained. And before i could finish, they flashed the light of their iPhone and started looking for my phone in the rubbles. Then came a young college boy and girl who were busy cootchie-cooing there. They sensed the tension in the air, gave their lips some rest, and joined the rest in the great mobile hunt. In less than 15 minutes, I had around 25 people over the rocks looking for my phone. There were hindus, muslims, Christians, Parsis and Sikhs. There were rich, poor and middle class. There were 12 year olds, 30 year olds, and 60 year olds. There were security guards, watchmen, managers and CEOs. All of them looking for a mobile phone of an absolute stranger just because the stranger was seemingly very upset. The great search went on for a couple of hours, we removed some stones, looked under rocks. One elderly man jumped in between the rocks while i kept shouting that my phone is not that important that he should risk his life. We did everything possible. We couldn’t find the phone. But i was beaming with joy. The phone is a thing, people are not things. i found something more precious. I found my lost city. I found my people. A city where strangers stop and help anyone who needs help regardless of caste, creed, religion, age or gender. I was given a hug by many, good wishes in many Indian languages. This is way too precious than a mobile phone. Blackberry contacts could be backed up and the phone could be locked up remotely. But where in my heart will i find the space to store this unique love and care that strangers in my city blessed me with. Long live Bombay (or whatever name you want to call it)

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