Friday, January 03, 2014

14 Commandments For 2014

14 things that i need to keep telling my inner-voice all through 2014
#1. dont suffer fools. 
#2. dont engage in nonsensical debates with people who have all the time in the world. 
#3. use the time and energy saved in #2 for the kind of work that you wish to do.
#4. you dont need to explain to anybody why you love someone and why you dislike someone. you have your loyalties, your affinities and your hate lists. and you dont owe anyone an explaination for it.
#5. be direct. you dont need to "look good". you are not winning some congeniality contest, okay?
#6. if people think that they are the center of the universe. let them. in all probability their universe will be an island, with only them in it. you just chill in your pond swimming with your fishes in it. 
#7. remind yourself again and again that you are not superman. even superman fucks up. and you are allowed to too. 
#8. remember that the only thing that you should be procrastinating is procrastination. 
#9. never be disheartened by nasty gossips about you by the big-wigs. still respect them for their work. and respect the fact that they are human to be assholes. 
#10. start one campaign a month. something that will spread smiles and awareness on causes that you *heart*
#11. get a personal life. spend time with your new kids - Shiva and Krishna
#12. before you draw cash from the ATM to donate to some cause, remember, you could become a social cause tomorrow if you run out of a job, for you have no savings
#13. get hitched. have a love life. a sex life. and please delete people who write messages like "i want to have celebrity sex with you" from your life forever. if possible - shoot them. 
#14. read from #1 to #14 again. may be pin it up on the wall or something. because the fuck-headed that you are. you will do only what you have been doing. always. always. always.

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