Friday, April 04, 2014


I don’t think it is anyone’s business but ours to fight for our rights. I don’t think we can rely on anyone, lean on any support or be sanguine about having someone over there ever ready to fight our battles. It is our life, it is our ground, it is our game that we have to play.

There are some who consider you a number. A digit so small that you would use two words that mean the same to meanly define you – minuscule, minority. And there will be others, who will promise you of their support verbally, but will not put it on a document that could be preserved for posterity. You are made to feel so small, that you really think you are small. Like a dot in the map. A dot of shame that lives just to reinstate that we are no stain. That we have been restrained instead for ages. Our confidence has been maimed so badly, that we think we are jumping when we crawl in the straight lanes of life.

I wonder if that would ever change if we relied on others. If it has to, we have to take the plunge. We have to pass the test. We have to stand up for ourselves. We have to be knit closer than ever. We the LGBTIQ community, cannot be considered an insignificant number. We are people. Real people capable of impacting real change. Change within, and change in the world, as we see it.

I don’t have money. I have wings. I don’t have assets. But I have a fractured spirit that propels me further with greater velocity. I will do something that I thought I would never. I will stand up for the elections. Some party, Some day, Some time. I will.

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