Friday, May 09, 2014

Bridegroom - Review

Bridegroom is a poignant love story. A documentary it is, but it defies every stereotype you have about documentaries. It is the story of love that half the world has always shied from giving a name.  This is not a ‘cause’  film, it is a story everyone identifies with. It is a film about the perils of being a social outcast, an uneven minority. Bridegroom is a testimony of love by the ones who are different for the ones who are indifferent. This is about the indifferent group of a large number of people deeming it fit to impose their view on a minority. This Bridegroom is true to its name.  It leaves you dew eyed with so much hope that you just wish to run to your window to peep out and wave to your knight in shining armor, your bridegroom.  As the film beings to end, you are not filled with pity, but hope. You are not filled with remorse, but joy. You are not filled with resentment, but contentment. You are not filled with the fear of an unforeseen tomorrow, but with the will to celebrate your today and your yesterday.

Bridegroom makes you believe that life doesn't end with the end of it, it goes on. Shane and Tom bring alive even the one that isn't. All that you would say as the credits roll up is “long live the bridegroom  - Shane and Tom”

Bridegroom is a must watch for everyone – irrespective of whether you are a propagator of hate or a follower of love. If you are a cinema enthusiast or a cinema student, the one sure sin you will commit is to miss this screening wherever it is.  

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