Sunday, June 22, 2014

Humshakal : Rights of Admission Reserved

Yesterday, we had 4 hours to kill between the massive plantation drive at Maharashtra Nature Park that we were organizing. We didn't know what to do to in the interim. We came up with the brilliant idea of watching a film in the theater close by. We didn't want a heavy dose film rather we wanted a stupid silly film to watch and laugh our way back to our plants.  The result – we bought tickets for Humshakal.

We reached the theater almost half an hour after the show and left in less than 45 minutes, but we were really not feeling bad. The AC was good and cozy. We took a small nap, while occasionally wink-opening our eyes to catch this classic.  We all expected a silly film. A real silly film. This film is different, you need to qualify to watch it.  Here is the  qualifying criteria :  

  • ·         You are not offended by silly jokes.
  • ·         Reality makes no sense to you.
  • ·         You don't care if a mentally challenged are teased or the film propagates stupid myths in the name of humour
  • ·         you don't get into your activistic mode on seeing people given shock treatment because they are "PAGAL" -  just for fun.
  • ·         You are not a real cinema lover.
  • ·         You want to make out with your partner and you don't have PLACE.
  • ·         You are overtly empathetic and flaunt your superb sense of humour,  so you will excuse the director  for the stupidity because you notice that he jokes about his own film (himmatwala)
  • ·         Your idea of good lyrics is "Tere iraade hain bade hi shaitani,  Not available hai meri ye jawaani"
  • ·         You want to support Bipasha Basu and Saif Ali Khan's sinking careers and this film is your charity to them.
And if the reasons above are not listed above, you have no right to watch this film.

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