Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Someone Spat On My Face #Homophobia

Fucking Asshole!

Am at the station platform  an asshole just screamed  GUD from a train that passed by and SPAT on me from the running train.  It missed my face by a few inches. Heading home to wash myself and change the shirt.

I would have roasted his balls and humiliated him like no ones business if was on ground. 

If this can happen to me, so can it with anybody. But it is not the time to hide. It is  time to stand up the fight.

It also gave me an understanding today about the mawallis screaming AYE ITEM to girls at the platform.

Bullying  is on a rise.
Thank you India. Thank you so fucking much. 

You have to pay heavily for facilitating  the loss of dignity of a gazillion LGBTIQ people in india.

There is absolutely #NoGoingBack now. Spit on me you fucking moron. Spit one as I am right here going to light fire up your ass. Fucking asshole.

You think I will be ashamed, you thonk I will cow down and hide. I will get up you asshole. I will get up and wear my fucking sexuality on my sleeve now. You fucking deal with it.

I will wait for you to attack me again. And then I will get you screwed by the same public in the train.

Think I was taking my freedom too easy and was being too cozy and being complacent. In fact, I was just telling a friend that we should be doing something compelling and provocative with hard truths to get people to sign the petition and this spit happened. It was almost like being given a reason enough to share.

I am sharing not to scare you. Yes it is a difficult time. But women go through harrassment this every fucking day. I can hide my sexuality, can she hide her gender?

It is why all movements need to step up together. And stand up equally and unequivocally for the tenets of human rights. It is not gay rights anymore. It all stems out of the same mindset to impose the thought of the majority on the minority.

P.S. I am least apologetic for the language. I needed to vent. And I feel violated.
I drafted this post almost an hour ago but wondered if I should post it considering that I am known, would this spread panic. But  then I thought I need to post for my own selfish reasons. I wish to scream shout and vent it fucking out. That's my way of coping with anger and stress. You have a problem - go fuck yourself.

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