Friday, August 08, 2014

Set the bird free!

Hey did you want to tell me that you were raped?
That you would have died and had a narrow escape?
That you are angry and hate yourself?
That you have not felt happy feeling yourself?

You dont want to listen to advice, I won't give you,
I will not champion your bravery for that is not true,
I will leave you alone, and watch you cry,
I will not hold you close till your tears run dry.

Then I will put you on my chest and tell you nothing my friend,
I will not belittle your pain with words that can't comfort what you underwent.
I will be like a stone, and give you my ear,
I want you to know that I may be far, yet I am near.

I know you are scared, that you will be not believed, that your life will be called a pretense,
That you will be called a story,  that no one will believe your utterance.

I understand your unsaid, and all that you want to say,
I see the unseen in big wild bombay,
I understand you are outraged,
The emotions you have caged,
Even if it was not to open it to me,
It is time to uncage, set the bird free.
Set the bird free!!!

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