Sunday, August 10, 2014

#RakshaBandhan against Patriachy

Today many sisters will tie a designer thread on their brother's wrists. It is called Rakhsha bandhan. The girls will urge their brothers to protect them. The brothers will feel happy that they can control their sisters with the intention of protecting them.  Women have to be protected.

The He can't be weak, he has the responsibility of  protecting the She. The She can't be strong, but even if she is, this festival asserts the right of the He to protect the She. The brother will have to give gifts to the sister, and the sister will have to accept them, even if she is stronger than him and healthier in wealth.  Women have to be protected.
I am not only talking from the women's point of view. The HE in this country is expected to be strong, to be richer and to not go weak at any circumstance. The He is made to feel ashamed every time he cries or shies, for thatis the domain of the She. He is the macho being and is expected to be like that all his life, whether just out of cradle or closer to the tomb, immaterial . He is pressurized all his life to be strong. For women have to be protected.

So, it is not surprising that to assert his strength,  he chooses violence in place of benevolence.  He restricts and constricts the She to assert his right to protect. This  is re-affirmed with traditions and customs.  Yes, women have to be protected.

The pressure is so much on him that it goes beyond the confines of the home to women outside. He looks at himself and realizes that the thing that is different between He  and She is that he has the organ that can be inserted inside her.  He unknowingly starts worshiping the organ. Like in tradition, in sex, he is the giver, she is the accepter. So he chooses to thrust his manhood on anyone and anything that it would enter. He thrusts it on women, but also on any orifice in the body of transpersons, homosexual men, or even weaker men who in his opinion are woman-like. All because, women, need  to be protected.

It is a beautiful festival. But let this be against misogyny. I would appreciate if all genders tie rakhi to  each other.  Or better still, tie rakhi to the one who will protect you. Men, women, transperson – immaterial.  If protection is the essence of the festival, let's make it real. Protect the ones who need protection, but more importantly, empower them so that they don't need to tie you a rakhi tomorrow.

You know what I mean?
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Friday, August 08, 2014

Set the bird free!

Hey did you want to tell me that you were raped?
That you would have died and had a narrow escape?
That you are angry and hate yourself?
That you have not felt happy feeling yourself?

You dont want to listen to advice, I won't give you,
I will not champion your bravery for that is not true,
I will leave you alone, and watch you cry,
I will not hold you close till your tears run dry.

Then I will put you on my chest and tell you nothing my friend,
I will not belittle your pain with words that can't comfort what you underwent.
I will be like a stone, and give you my ear,
I want you to know that I may be far, yet I am near.

I know you are scared, that you will be not believed, that your life will be called a pretense,
That you will be called a story,  that no one will believe your utterance.

I understand your unsaid, and all that you want to say,
I see the unseen in big wild bombay,
I understand you are outraged,
The emotions you have caged,
Even if it was not to open it to me,
It is time to uncage, set the bird free.
Set the bird free!!!

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